Coronavirus: Record death tolls in Europe – BBC News

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Italy is the hardest hit country in Europe with more than 35,000 cases. The death toll has surged again in the last 24 hours by 475 – the biggest increase in a single day. Almost three thousand people have now died.

In Spain the outbreak continues to spread fast and is now infecting care homes. There are now almost fourteen thousand confirmed cases - with over 600 deaths. All hotels will close in Spain by next Tuesday and the Foreign Office has urged British holidaymakers to return home before then.
In Germany - there have been over 12,000 cases and 28 deaths. Tonight Chancellor Angela Merkel has given an unprecedented televised address describing the disease as the country's greatest challenge since the Second World War.

President Trump says the United States and Canada have agreed to close their border to non-essential traffic -- as all fifty American states registered cases of coronavirus for the first time. Mr Trump also said that he was sending a US Navy hospital ship to New York - the city worst hit by the outbreak.

Damian Grammaticas, Mark Lowen, Jenny Hill and Nick Bryant report for the News at Ten presented by Sophie Raworth.

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It's incredible how idiot "we" are in Europe (I'm Italian)! It was clear as day that that virus wasn't a simple flu, why would the Chinese act like that otherwise? Someone thought that they were making a movie???
All the European leaders stood and watched waiting to "welcome" the virus in Europe....idiots!

Author — Francesca Belotti


I honestly don't understand people holidaying during a Pandemic 🤧

Author — sheila jones


Love to all my european brothers and sisters,
from Germany

Author — Ann Gough


The medical staff are truly the front line soldiers battling an invisible enemy!
They really deserve a medal for their bravery and dedication.

Author — Bingo Bingo


'A city known for its infectious energy'

What a choice of words...

Author — kittendivine1


New year's eve 2019 .. everybody..happy new year!!!! ... 2020 be like we'll see about that

Author — Eat Cake For Breakfast


No one should be allowed back into the UK (these islands) without passing though quarantine or being tested.

Author — S Gardner


Italy please don’t give up on the old, no one can tell who survives this or dies.

Author — Newt


I thought this was going to be a great year but hindsight is 2020.

Author — President Ping Ping


Take care of your parents and elderly people! They are the most vulnerable!

Author — Russian Homecat


2:39 damn that cinematography goes hard

Author — Flowhannesburg


German Chancellor: "Greatest challenge since the second world a great analogy to be making.

Author — Enclave Officer 117


"Slow". "Opaque".  This is Japan and USA

Author — Charles W R


Mean wille Aus keeps bailling out airline and governmant will cut funding to any school that closses down 🤯 yep we are farked.

Author — hmrmdf


Don't lose hope and don't give up everybody. Focus on pulling through this arduous trial to fight COVID 19. Even those who died by the virus do not want to lament on their demise, they all want us to fight on. This is an opportunity for all man regardless of differences to fight under a single banner.

God Bless You!

Author — Owen Chua


I’ve been social distancing and self quarantined for over 6 months now!

Author — Teresa Fontaine


You can catch it through you're eyes as well so it's no good just wearing a mask over the nose and mouth.

Author — edward Matthews


People back in December 2019: “2020 is going to be my year”


Author — Trafalgax Axion


Help NHS staff, so they can help us:

Here in the United Kingdom, hospital and community-based

medical staff, including: doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical ancillary
workers, are crying out for equipped to protect themselves, against Chinomia
(Coronavirus ) infection, as they cope with a meteoric rise in new admissions.

These key front-liners urgently require: virus testing kits,

respirator masks, goggles and, where necessary, hazmat suits.  But the government seems to be suffering from
paralysis, with no help forthcoming.

With the failure of the government to provide testing kits, medical
staff that become ill, will have no way of knowing whether they have Chinomia
or just a seasonal chest infection. 

Testing would mean that each member of staff is better
informed as to whether they need to self-isolate for 14 days. For example, on
showing a negative result for the virus, staff might decide to return to work
immediately, boosting the number of medics - for all our sakes.

Dentists have also been neglected by the government.

Dentist and their assistants need full protection as a
matter of urgency, including testing kits, as they work inside the mouths of
potential carriers.

Last, but by no means least, community-based homecare staff

need protective kit, so that they can carry on improving the quality of life of
our elderly and sick residents.

To leave frontline staff to soldier-on without government

support is ludicrous; as those looking after us deserve top priority – right?  The consequences of not helping them to keep
healthy do not bear thinking about.

So please Mr Johnson, for all our sakes take action NOW!

Author — Dorian Stonehouse


Let the SUN heal your coronaVirus, cause the sun rays kill all virii. Tell your parents, too. SO SIMPLE !!!! Vit C, too
colloidal silver, nutritious food. live food like veggies & fruit.

Author — mamacordella