Coronavirus Update: Italy reports record death toll +++ Zero new domestic cases in China | DW News

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Italy has reported the highest one-day death toll from Coronavirus than any other country. Officials said nearly 500 people died on Wednesday. Videos posted on social media are said to show military trucks in the city of Bergamo preparing to transport the dead to nearby cities. Mortuaries and crematoriums in Bergamo have run out of space. Medical teams from China have arrived to help authorities fight the virus.
It could be a major turning point in the drive to contain the coronavirus: On Wednesday, China, the epicenter of the original outbreak, reported no new local cases of the infection for first time since it began recording them in January. However, there were 34 new infections imported from abroad, which threatens the progress China has made. Beijing imposed stringent restrictions on travel and movement in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading. The total number of confirmed coronavirus infections in mainland China stands at almost 81-thousand.
Some other corona-related developments around the world:
- New Zealand and Australia are closing their borders to non-residents and non citizens, to protect their nations from the virus.
- Japan's deputy prime minister says holding the Summer Olympics would make 'no sense' if countries can't send athletes. But the government says it is still working to hold the Games as scheduled.
- France has reported another spike in coronavirus deaths - its death toll jumped by 89 to 264 people on Wednesday.
- Russia has confirmed its first death. The patient was a 79 year old woman who died in Moscow from pneumonia.

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I live in northern Italy, in the epicentre if this emergency and I would like to report an open letter I wrote some days ago to my dear friends who live abroad (since then the situation has dramatically worsen):
Today I want to do something useful for all my virtual friends who live outside Italy.
Never in my life I would have imagined of writing such a post but I think it’s essential to spread our experience as much as we can.
I live in northern Italy, in the Lombardy region (the most affected area by corona virus).
In these quarantine days I constantly follow the situation here but also abroad to understand how it has been managed by other countries.
I see a lot of confusion from governments that perhaps haven’t fully understood the power of this virus. In my opinion, not enough is being done. I would really like that our mistakes in underestimating the virus could be a strong warning about what should and shouldn’t be done.

Everything started on February 21st (right..only 20 days ago) with the first case in northern Italy; since then numbers have grown dramatically.
The first biggest mistake was the lack of quarantine procedures at the very first outbreak: in fact the first lockdown was only focused on some northern villages in the surrounding areas. I think the main reason was to avoid hitting the economy in one of the most productive Italian areas. Unfortunately this measure was inadequate.

A few days later became clear that the virus was spreading across the northern regions so authorities started to take new measures: schools, pubs, night bars, gyms closure, sport and public events cancellation but only in the North. People were still allowed to move around the country and to meet in other places like bars, restaurants, malls, parks...
Despite the increasing number of cases, most of us weren’t totally aware of the danger and thought that cleaning surfaces and washing constantly hands was enough. We continued our social life without understanding a very simple but important fact:

We all understood the terrible extent of this phenomenon last week, when hospital operators from the north wrote a dramatic but realistic letter to our government, a huge cry for help that no one could ignore: hospitals in the north are collapsing, intensive care units aren’t enough for everyone, the availability of machines for artificial ventilation is decreasing fast. More patients arrive than they can accommodate. Doctors and nurses are constantly exposed and have started getting sick (we are talking about one of the best health systems in the world).
They implored our government to take drastic measures to slow down the infection and give them the time to take care of patients properly without having to choose who to treat and who to let go (extreme triage protocols).
As a consequence our government has finally decided to take the strongest measure: the complete lockdown of Italy.
Since last Wednesday people can’t travel outside their village or leave their home unless they have emergencies. We are no longer allowed to assemble both publicly and privately, funerals and weddings have been cancelled, bars, restaurants, malls, shops, parks have been closed. The imperative now is to STAY AT HOME (no meeting with relatives, friends, colleagues...), strong sanctions are now taken against rules violators.
Unfortunately our government left open the industrial sector and many workers are still exposed, but I hope they will decide for the complete closure in the next days.
It isn’t a simple flu people! It is true that young and healthy people are less exposed and could go through it "easily" (even though in the northern area the average age of positive patients who need hospital care is decreasing) but we MUST preserve weaker people which aren’t necessarily only the elderly but also all the people with some kind of health-related issues.

This quarantine is not a joke, I miss my family (grandma, mum, sister..) but we have to be responsible and have social conscience and think about the huge sacrifice of our doctors and nurses who are risking their own life in extremely tiring and long shifts. They are giving the country the most admirable sacrifice. We all owe it to them.

Sorry, I know my post is very long but even if only one person has read it, it won’t be wasted.
I’m not an expert but a simple citizen who wants to warn other people out there.
If you would like you can share this simple post to your friends.
PLEASE, stay safe ❤️

Author — Fabry t




Author — Ecarg salundaguit


I'm crying seeing dis...May Allah almighty help us to overcome the situation...

Author — shahana t


I cried when I see this.. if only I can fly to Italy and help my fellow nurses ... 😔😔

Author — Carla Mae Salangsang


may GOD helpy you and RIP for those who lost theire life

Author — zenebe hagos


I think Italy is being more honest about their death numbers than some other countries
My heart hurts for all victims

Author — Peter Solar channel


Stay strong Italy, there's always some hope

Author — Savita Gupta


“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" Let God be true, and every human being a liar.

Author — Ed C


May Almighty God help Italian people my god help them.

Author — Lamin Gassama


I think Italy is being more honest about their death numbers than some other countries.
My heart hurts for all victims

Author — please help me reach 50,000 subscribers


God bless all those who have lost their lives my thoughts are with all the families. I pray for you.

Author — Joseph Stock


I wish everyone the best to come, our God is bigger than any doctor in the world.

Author — samuel gezaye


FROM: South Korea🇰🇷

Author — BB LUVZ


When you pray God answers your prayer. Lets ask him for our protection and believe and trust him. We are all safe❤

Author — Joy Zone


just one thing to say: People have to do what the authorities say and period

Author — agata collins


Yesterday it was wuhan
Today it is italy
Tomorrow might be your country. So please cooperate with the government. And stayhome

Author — Maddikera Praneeth


Corona virus l hardly command you to leave ltally, to killing people of God. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Author — Shahzad Saeed


And my country Kenya is just being casual about this

Author — Silly Dilly


How many more deaths until other people realize the importance of staying home? 🤦🏻‍♀️😔

Author — Lupita Martin


So scary watching from South Africa... It's coming like a tornado soon. Can't help but feel for the underpriveladged and homeless. Stay safe, prayers to all in Italy.

Author — Erinn Munga