The Epidemic of Fake Disease

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Does screening for diseases like cancer even work?

Trying to detect disease early seems like an obviously good thing to do. But reality isn't always quite so straightforward, especially in medicine. If It Ducks Like A Quack is a series where I try to go beyond the hype and explore how complicated the apparently simple phenomena in medicine are.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not construe this video as medical advice. You have no idea if I know what I'm talking about. I could be a complete clown. However, do check out the references below if you want to learn more.


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Author — Medlife Crisis


My survival strategy is to avoid whatever the Daily Mail says causes cancer that week but just for that week. It makes my diet more varied.

Author — Not Dave's Channel


If I’m paying £999.99 for a scan, I better have cancer

Author — amoxford 2


I’ve had a brain tumour for eight years now. It has been monitored with regular MRI scans, but no treatment since it wasn’t causing major problems. I suddenly started having more migraines and other issues. My next scan was moved up, and the tumour had suddenly grown. I’m now undergoing radiotherapy to stop it and potentially shrink it. It’s too deep in my brain to be safely operated on. I’m thankful we were simply monitoring so we could act when necessary instead of overreacting.

Author — Anita Kay


Let’s hope that the sacrifice of your first born son wasn’t in vain and the Algorithm God picks up this video.

Author — This is Barris! - French History


Feel a bit bad now, all those ads about how we're going to smash cancer.
Sometimes cancer is just sitting around causing no one any harm.

Author — Arran Greig


Sweet knees are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie?

Author — Piñata Oblongata


We have a health system that ignores food and a food system that ignores health.

Author — ItsHeebyGeeby


Well, I literally can't because she has pixelated face disease...

Author — Job van der Zwan


I'm suddenly interested in Nigerian cinema ...

Author — François Bergmans


Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My thyroid was removed and the final pathology report showed that I didn't have thyroid after all. Well, now I'm stuck on synthetic thyroid medicine for the rest of my life and it constantly needs to be increased, then decreased. Oh such fun and all because of a misdiagnosis.

Author — JoJo W


Some cancers: hi I’m here, doing nothing just enjoying life.
Humans: *exterminate it*

Author — Yuki Yuka


You’re videos on biases and confusing but important topics are my favourite. I know they are difficult to make but please keep making them

Author — Tori Ko


Lead Time Bias = patient has their years of blissful ignorance cut short.

Author — Gringa Maluca


A very interesting video. My cancer was found incidentally while they were looking for the cause of something else. I was completely asymptomatic and after my biopsy confirming the cancer and further tests it was discovered I was already stage 3. I had a type of lymphoma which was fairly aggressive but responded well to treatment so in my case I was very glad for that scan. But for a slow growing cancer, I agree that overdiagnosis is a major issue. Conversely to that though, I'm in my early/mid 20s so even a very slow growing cancer probably would've become a problem at some point.

Despite all the trauma caused by complications in my procedures and the horrible treatment, I'm glad they picked it up earlier because, in my case, it would've led to death if left untreated and the chance of survival decreases if the cancer is late-stage.

I couldn't imagine being told I have a slow growing cancer and that the doctors wanted to just sit and wait. That just sounds like a very anxiety-inducing time. Maybe they should reclassify the really slow growing cancers to something else without the 'cancer' name attached, which has so much of a negative connotation attached?

Author — Ellie


"Disease, from the Latin literally meaning without ease..." I see you've been watching a lot of chubbyemu videos!

Author — Johnathan Corgan


Patient: 'My eye fell out.'
What is going on here?!?

Got to love the joke.

Author — BlueÐenta


Love this series. MedLife Crisis is the only medicine related channel I watch and I'm not even in the field, just interested. He manages to make it interesting, entertaining, and informative. Thank you!

Author — William Whitcomb


After watching my friend die from pancreatic cancer, I would pass on the chemo for any cancer that has a low cure rate. We could have had a lot more fun if he wasn't sick from chemo and instead was just high on meds. I don't think the chemo extended his life at all and it made him MISERABLE.

Author — Christopher Perisho


Everybody gangsta until your medical youtuber of trust tell you we maybe haven't been progressing at all at this curing cancer thing.

Author — Tomás de Lima Freitas