KSI – Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]

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Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures

#KSI #Offset #Cap

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Its honestly so hard not to root for JJ, look how far he's come man.

Author — Ibrah.1s


This guy is posting world class music and still hasn't activated windows

Author — Adam Farrell


It’s so hard not to root for JJ, I mean look how far he’s come. He went to making FIFA videos to making a song with Offset

Author — Nicolas


Keep in mind this is the guy who opened fifa packs for a living.

Author — SKGames


Producers: how many colours do you want to be in this video?

KSI: n o

Author — Adam Kyriacou


JJ: “I PaiD 500k fOr A CaT”

Also JJ: “GuYS bEeRUs iS A God nOT a cAt”

Author — Hazemore


Offset is smart, he got to JJ now, so that when he inevitably becomes his one of the most successful uk celebs in the world, offset will have the early connections

Author — Haadiya Usman


I refuse to say that this is the same guy who made black epic sax guy

Author — T.V Gamer


Fun Fact: This Music Video was shot before “Houdini” featuring Swarmz and Tion Wayne.

Author — A26


Imma be honest, when I first listened to the song I didnt like JJ's verse and I thought the chorus was a lil off, but when i turned it up and added my base speaker that shit went hard af!!! Also if you got some good quality headphones and you turn it up it makes an insane difference. This is now one of my favorite hype songs. What can i say? It bangs

Edit: 2:00 gives me chills when they both turn at the same time🔥

Author — Z-NATION


Only people who didnt come from tik tok to see this song can like

Author — ツAlphaPlayz


I respect Offset for this because JJ, realistically speaking, isn't mainstream yet (at least in the US), but not only does Offset feature with him, he also goes off in the feature

Author — danielacti


JJ "can't be no friends with no cap" coz he's gonna hate wearing it all the time to cover up Baldski.

Author — Akash Ramanathan


JJ "can't be no friends with no cap" coz he's gonna hate wearing it all the time to cover up Baldski.

Author — seeni gzty


He is getting more views on his reddit videos than this song

Author — absolute chad


imagine Offset listens to “I’m on a horse” after this

Author — cris


whos here from needledrop when he said ksi ripped off travis scott

Author — Joshua the 3rd of the spar


Director: how many seizures do you wanna cause?

KSI: Y e s

Author — Ryan Ali


He went from being black sax guy to making world class music what a downgrade lol.

Author — Rifayet Rifu


Imagine you attending him performing this and Offset actually shows up.

Author — Panescu Dorin