Coldplay w/ Michael J Fox - Earth Angel and Johnny B. Goode

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Coldplay plays two songs from Back to the Future with Michael J Fox at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey on 7/17/2016.

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Michael J Fox wasn't up for doing this at first... But then someone called him Chicken.

Author — Ben Robinson


745 ppl did not like it, but there kids are going to love it!

Author — EKCO XD


This is a Blues riff in B, watch out for the changes and try to keep up

Author — ryan ramsey


Not a Coldplay fan, but nothing but respect for them for doing this. And Michael J. Fox is the MAN.

Author — Davitt J. Potter


741 Biff Tannens didn't like this video.

Author — Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun


2:28 he missed the chord on purpose exactly like the movie when his hand was disappearing

Author — Teddy Doggy


It's a testament to Michael's resolve he can even play the guitar, let alone get most of the notes right, we're all with you Michael! Awesome to see this, he's a hero

Author — ianA


It’s a pity in high school his band was shut down for being “just to darn loud”

Author — dmkappa62


As a guitar player and teacher, this made me cry my eyes out

Author — Dikkie SikkStrings


Guess you guys aren't ready for that yet.. But you're kids are gonna love it.

Author — Ancient Monkey


I’m not a Coldplay fan in the slightest, but this was heavy!

Author — Guilli Munster


All of the people who disliked this can make like a tree and get outta here! Michael J. him!

Author — Justin Grobbel


"Wha-what?! Is it hot?!"
"No! It's Coldplay! Daaammn Coldplay!!"

Author — Hex Nottingham


Sucks big time, a condition that destroys you in so many ways yet you continue with a smile...

Author — 5five6


Wow I didn't know Michael j. Fox was that good at guitar. Amazing guy he is.

Author — Christopher MacNeil


Marty: Doc! You're not gonna believe this, we gotta go back to 1955.

Doc: I don't believe it!

Author — Lemonhead86


Chuck! Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this

Author — Nokiablocoff


Michael J. Fox 1
Parkinson 0
I Love these songs!!

Author — Locuras con Sofii


Wow I didn’t know he played for real!!!! Thought it was just the movie.

Author — Dre Giacanna


Yo Chris, ya forgot to say
"This is for all you lovers out there.."
before singing Earth Angel.
🙈🙈 #slacker 😆

Author — ToNeJ0e