Dr. Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does

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Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to CNN's Chris Cuomo the reality of crafting a timeline to reopen parts of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. #CNN #News

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Can you believe that Dr. Fauci is 79 years old? Even at his age, he is doing all that he can for our people. His work is deeply inspiring to us med students. God bless this man.

Author — projectzad


Let’s just have a moment of silence for Fauci/health workers carrying the US’s ass

Author — Cheeky Boi


I predict Dr. Fauci will be Time Person Of The Year.

Author — Friday


Dr Fauci has to be exhausted, but just keeps going, helping everyone he can.

He is like an anti Covid-19 terminator

Author — Joe Pesci


He has mafia voice. I imagine the godfather speaking "come here Paulie..."

Author — Kevin Jimenez


Keep telling us the truth Dr Fauci..trust me we’re listening...

Author — Martilives 369


Those who say it’s only the elderly dying, Think about this Dr.

Author — Liz Haz


you tube search "Fauci: There will be a surprise outbreak (2017)"

Author — jhon doe


This reporter was really good. General, but important questions were asked. He gave Dr. Fauci enough time to answer without interrupting him.
And about the Dr., well... Fauci is amazing.

Author — meublugazu


Thank God for Dr Fauci. He’s the only “expert” I trust. And...the Cuomo brothers are amazing

Author — RuthieSeptember


This is the only man who talks simply, logically clear
God bless this doctor
Keep safe doc.. we are listening

Author — Mila Lim


"Most of us live our lives without really understanding how connected we are. But then one day, something happens. Something that changes the way you look at the world, changes your life... forever."
-quote from 93 Days movie

Author — Rosé Marie


Time magazine Person of theYear, Presidential Medal of Honour, Nobel Peace Prize, This man is carrying the US and is a national hero.

Author — Donna Parry


I feel like Fauci is going to retire after this pandemic

Author — Kris LaWho


Dr. Fauci should be Times' "Person Of The Year" for 2020.

Author — thislazylife707


This man is intelligent, educated, experienced and erudite. He also has a Zen-like level of control and patience. Heed his words.

Author — Paul J. Burns


"You don't make the timeline...the virus does." Tell that to the "stable genius" disguised as an effing moron.

Author — KLM Hooked Moore


Dr.Anthony Fauci looks so Amazing @ D age f 80..His physique explains he is a genuine healthy Doc..May He Hv a good Healthy long life.😊

Author — Zoya Shareef


Pray for this doctor, he’s probably running on fumes

Author — neogigo


what nonsense: "when you look at the new cases" - the new "confirmed cases" - "confirmed cases" - is just a function of how many tests you do

Author — Damien Mearns