LEC Highlights ALL GAMES Week 6 Day 1 Summer 2019 League of Legends EULCS

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LEC Highlights ALL GAMES Week 6 Day 1 Summer 2019 S04 vs SK, RGE vs XL, MSF vs FNC, SPY vs VIT, G2 vs OG

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Nemesis 2 months ago : Akali overrated & useless

Nemesis now : O.O

Author — endi i kilo


omg that vitality game tilts me and that was the first time i've seen them play this whole year whgaugaioa

Author — ranGoMyzer


8:45 that wombo combo was perfectly executed... damn, sure looked pretty

Author — Alan Choi Chang


saw those VIT make me really so sad....

Author — Vito Insalata


MSF really need to overthink their whole Team in offseason, maybe some of the A Squad would fit in, but this C Squad looks so much better than the usual MSF, espacially DanDan, but thats also not that hard since Soaz is just disgustingly bad

Author — Drsaske


Misfits and G2 just pick the most agressivo Champs early and win pretty simple solo queu draft, ezreal Lee Tham k azir all trashy champs

Author — Bugs


I bet dandan will be on fnc next split

Author — thekjellar


OMG SK toplaner did not even use his ultimate during the Nexus defense lol.

Author — Adventkent


Typical Vitality playing 3v5 game and when Jizuke misses up they simply lose because the have no botlane. If they replace their trash botlane with a decent one, they would get much better results.

Author — Mohamad Zakaria


Heckin' OG needs to replace jungler and top lane, man. Alphari and Kold are so inconsistent. It's such a waste, Patrik and Nukeduck should be made the carries, why the heck are the nobodies picking Jax and Olaf???

Author — David M


This Tresh first game was actually bad

Author — Shaggy


Rogue lose to XL and Misfits but they can totally beat TSM LUL EU coach is completely delusional.

Author — Methylphenidate


G2 is so strong they can 3-0 all lck and lpl teams in a best of 5

Author — Yahiko Is Better Than Cry baby cringe naruto