Video shows moments before 6-year-old vanished

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Footage from inside her school bus shows Faye Swetlik before she got off.

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It is sad when a kid can't play in their own yard.. They should start hanging these pervs in the town square when caught.

Author — Crown royal


A kid can’t even get off of the school bus in their own yard?
Predators are everywhere.
This is sickening.

Author — Perfectly Honest


My daughter is 12 I meet her at the bus every day and she doesn’t go outside without either my wife or I supervising

Author — Justin Time


When a society is sick, everyone suffers.

Author — CNY Golf


Umm no amber alert? Wtf? She didn’t up and vanish like a fart in the wind! Issue the alert! Someone took her!

Author — LaDolcevita


It's terrible how many kids go missing every year. There are too many sick people harming kids. I hope they all turn up safe each and every one of those missing.

Author — Turbo Tricks


Kidnapping should be punished by the Death Penalty.

Author — David Ellis


Please let her be found safe and they need to change the Amber Alert to any child missing abducted or not

Author — April Artis


So sick man makes me want to throw up. I wish someone was there to save her. Be vigilant everyone.



Issue the alert ASAP so everybody will be on alert smh, we can't waste NO time on rather or not she was abducted to issue the Damn alert..praying for a safe return🙏🙏 smh 😞

Author — shAy Brown


How heartbroken. Hope they find her soon. Maybe she just wondered off and got lost. Kids hide sometimes when they're lost. Maybe she's hiding scared somewhere. Prayers for a safe return!

Author — Ali M.


99% of the time it's a family member or acquaintance

Author — Tron_23


Please let her be found safe. Let her get to safety Lord, hear our prayer 🙏🏼

Author — Love from Alabama Jenny


This is sad. I hope she's found alive and safe. She must be so scared. She deserves to be with her parents. 🙏🏻

Author — Ahmad Haruman


6 is to young to be getting of the bus on her own poeple its not the 90s

Author — 123kid 123


Why not her mom was out waiting for her

Author — rosye lopez


I remember walking home from school as a kid, my how the world has changed. I would be constantly afraid if I was a parent these days

Author — Average Joe


This is just sickening to think that ANYONE would harm a child in ANY way shape or form

Author — Mariah Zeuschel


It she got off the bus she obviously got taken. Why didn’t anyone pick her up?

Author — Kelsey Jay


Oh no i got today's update. This breaks my heart 💔💔

Author — Kat V