Donald Trump Is On A Losing Streak

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Republicans and Democrats finally found some common ground: neither can pass a bill in the Senate to reopen the government.

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*M.A.G.A : Morons Are Governing America*



Why doesn't Trump tweet the state of the union as he does everything else?

Author — Paul Makinson


If your middle class can't survive missing a single paycheck, you don't have a middle class, America, you have working poor.

Author — MassExtinctionEvent


What does Pelosi and Stormy Daniels have in common?They both spanked Trump🤗😂😂😂

Author — Alana994 Aj


I wont forget about this shut Dow down in 2020 I hope all those 800k not working dont forget it either

Author — Mike Bastoni


I'm sure he'll re-brand it 'Alternative Winning'.

Author — New Message


Billionaire Wilbur Ross telling them to eat cake.

Author — mori1bund


He said he would run the country like a business and he is, right into the fkg ground.

Author — Bro Dooby


I live in Australia and currently our politics are Screwed Up but WOW you guys are doing it tough. The rest of the world is watching and we feel for you. Remember this will all be just a bad dream as soon as the brain dead realise they are getting screwed over and his support drops to 5%.

Author — Stuart Graham


Unprecedented? I wish we could get unpresidented.

Author — Donna Campbell


Dear United States,
On the bright side, this administration is extremely entertaining. Our thoughts are with you. Love, Australia.

Author — Alleyways


Stephen Colbert is a talented GENIUS!! Thank you for keeping us sane in an insane time!!

Author — Bad Panda


All those dots, I can’t help but laugh every time Stephen Colbert reads one of his Tweets.

Author — The Adrenalized Artist


"Trump's got egg on his face!
Perhaps, that's why his face is that colour"

😂😃 Good yolk, Steven!! 😀😁

Author — MaxMisterC


"make peace with your God, because we are flying blind!" Damn it, Stephen, you made me snort Dr.Pepper up my nose!

Author — proud2bpagan


"No Country Cuz Old Men" INSTANT LIKE! LOL

Author — SilverSpoon01


He calls her Nancy. We call him Moron.

Author — Michael Kahr


Colbert's impersonation of Trump will never not be funny

Author — Earl Grey


Trump is, without a doubt, the most dim-witted president in all of US history.

Author — Matt Mower


Dear America, Canada’s laughing. Best of luck with Mueller. Love, Canada.

Author — Colin McKinnon