Kazakh Elections 2019: Politics after Nazarbayev

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On June 9th, Kazakh citizens will go to the polls. It's the first time since Kazakhstan's independence from the Soviet Union that its first president, and long-time leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev isn't on the ballot.

EURACTIV travelled to Kazakhstan to learn more about how the political landscape is changing and how the transition of power is perceived.

This report was supported by the Kazakh Embassy to the European Union. The content of the report was not influenced by the supporter.

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Candidates are all fake puppets of dictatorship. I don't believe on this election

Author — Logan Rogan


Fake elections, fake candidates, fake country..

Author — K Amrina


Not bad video, but sometimes lucking on translations, for example the guy named Touletai and right after him another guy Kosanov speak in Kazakh without subtitles. No one understands what they both saying - no translation into English or other big languages. Put at least some translations.

Author — Russia & Kazakhstan from Russian-Kazakh-American