South African drought town's warning to the world - BBC News

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South Africa has imposed emergency measures and is declaring several regions disaster areas, in response to the worst drought in living memory.

Some areas have gone without substantial rainfall for up to five years.

The BBC's Africa correspondent Andrew Harding visited one small town which lies at the heart of the crisis.

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I live my whole life in this small town called Graaff-reinet(also know as one of the oldest towns in are really bad here for us😭

Author — blue orange


They've always picked progress in economy over ecology. That's why this is happening.

Author — Stellar dreams


If my people trun from there wicket way and pray than I wil here from haven and heal there land

Author — gd j


some harsh reality, really, some areas has drought and some is drown

Author — yulianto rahardjo


Mother Earth says, "you got what you pay!"

Author — Gombal Mukiyo72


The plastic water bottles are polluting the water that is left. Every time I see someone drinking water out of a plastic bottle... I am speechless!

Author — kusheran


We have droughts in Texas sometimes as well. We call it not raining.

Author — Kevin Duggan


Climate Change is a beautiful thing. 🌏🌎🌍



66% of South Africa historically has rainfall below 300 ml per annum. It is a drought area.

Author — Graham Thomas


Man show love to Mother Earth and each other! Don’t wait ! Start now!

Author — Moon Stars Love V


The UN have the ability to change our weather, thanks to Mr. Tesla, the north and south poles will not receive snow or ice. Look up people, the lines in the sky’s create high pressure forcing storms wherever they wish.... if they can control the world water, we are all in trouble. Check out the move, The Giver, this is our future

Author — Garry Mcnealley


Since when did the ‘world’ listen to South Africa or any other place?

Author — Annyai Presoski


move on, its to late man buns, drink more coffee and shove your heads up your phones some more

Author — timbo1955


I can help you buy good land in Belarus, there is plenty of water here for farming.

Author — Samuel


Isn't it WONDERFUL seeding the clouds, zapping the clouds with directed energy in several different experimental tests by MILITARY GOVERNMENTS across the globe$!?. How fun and exciting! Be all that you can be!

Author — Thia Love


While. there may be an aspect of warming at play, as a South African I can say the main reason for it being so bad is the total failure of ANC government to plan ahead, to listen to engineers and to be pro active. South Africa is a semi desert and often has drought, but this drought is the worse one people can remember.

Author — Lelie tussen die dorings


Very very frustrating, I m so sorry 😐 nature we are not treating u as u like..!!

Author — Faruq Ahmed


Sounds like there needs to be repentance from people running the town??

Author — Hello!! :))))


its strange as I am constantly on my roof repairing water leaks from so much rain in England.

Author — D


This would be a great time for an immediate sterilization programs form coast to coast.

Author — kimberyote2