Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship

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Kressh: wants a very wholesome life.
Dom and Jomm: how can we break this?

Author — Amos Birb


“or even if you’re just playing animal crossing”
shoot he caught me

Author — Miranda Brambila


Kressh: *being wholesome*
Domics: I'm about the end this whole man's career

Edit: You guys calling me out for switching the “whole” and the “man” around, I just think it sounds better lol

Author — Qstar Gacha


“Or if you’re playing animal crossing right now-“

*Looks down at switch* I feel called out

Author — Nicole Hubbard


"you loose in everything in life"
*Somehow dies in animal crossing*

Author — Solesteam


title: *Crushes and the perfect **_relationship_*

Everyone in Quaratine: _"No, we dont do that here."_

Author — Radian


Him: "I know yall are stuck alone"
Me: I didnt mind a lot but it surely hurts me so i will open up the doors of my heart to hear his advice, to embrace it. I know something senseful is coming and i actually needed that
Him: try audible

That hit me dude, damn

Author — M Tarık


Domics: * has the word crush in the title *

Me: oh shoot hahah that’s cool hah

**leans closer for advice**

Author — Katana Quits


He was trying to be a hopeless romantic and y’all were so mean Edit- OMG 688 likes WTF!!

Author — BreBreDoesStuff


“Or even if you’re just playing animal crossing”

I mean Doom Eternal counts, they're basically the same thing.

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


"I had a lot of crushes where its like I think they're attractive and then they say one thing that vibes with me well and then I just base everything off of that"

I have never related to something this bad....

Author — ilma iskander


A person who has been in ten relationships that didn't last long. Sounds like Swoozie to me

Author — Lisa Oyebande


Girl: does something awkward
Jomm: aight ima break up

Author — Minitrain


You know its bad when your brain sees "coronavirus" instead of "convos"

Author — myfatherwillhearaboutthis


I’m really scared that he isn’t sponsored by crunchyroll

Author — Genesis Fragoso


Reasonable answer: "Maybe he just couldn't get anyone"

Dom answer: "Maybe he's just a LOSER"

Author — sophia russo


Me, an aromantic asexual, watching this video: hmm interesting *takes notes*

Edit, since some of y'all seem confused:
Aromantic: doesn't experience romantic attraction (aka doesn't fall in love/experience crushes)

Asexual: doesn't experience sexual attraction, but can experience romantic attraction, fall in love, basically they don't wanna have sex with the person they're into.

Author — Estera Roszak



Me: Masaka it's not NordVPN this time It's AUDIBLE!!!!... okayy imma buy it

Author — Some One


As soon as Domics says "speaking of..." I know the ad is coming

Author — Noah Montgomery


His intro sounds like a knock-off version of the porn hub intro music

Author — RS Matt