Trump threatens to withhold funds from Michigan over mail-in voting

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President Donald Trump calls plans for expanded mail-in voting in Michigan illegal, without citing a specific law, and threatened to withhold funding to the state - the latest Republican move to try to undo steps aimed at making it easier and safer to vote during the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

― Joseph Stalin

Author — Shemp Howard


He Is really afraid of losing, that he threatens to withhold funds. Childish. Makes him look weak again.

Author — Kathy Hallsss


Wouldn’t this be considered interfering in an election since he’s attempting to suppress votes?

Author — Luna Pluto


Of course he's withholding aid from Democratic state. That's that dictator talk. VOTE HIM OUT

Author — Feen Gaming


Meanwhile I live in Utah, one of the most conservative states in the Union and I received a letter last week from the State of Utah saying 'we noticed you voted in person this year. Please do not do this again. We are in a pandemic. We will send you your ballot by mail'.

Conservatives don't mind voting by mail, so long as they're the only ones doing it.

Author — Kevin Slater


Trump: "You can't vote me out, if I don't let you vote"

Author — Jason Martin


Trump: "Ya'll trying to send Mail-in-Ballots?"

*Trump: "release the Dam!"*

Author — Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4


He’s saying the quiet part out loud... it’s about voter suppression.

Author — Mackenzie Blair


Yup. We received an application not a ballot. Dude is really trying to twist things.

Author — RazielBorn


It's time for Americans to take back democracy and remove our money from the pockets of a corrupt administration.

Author — Elba V


This shows how he cares more about winning the election then the lives of Americans. Make America GREAT my ass

Author — Shadowphantom66


Dear Trump, I'm an independent in Montana. I just voted by mail and I didnt vote for you. So FU!!!

Author — A. Randolph


Wow, look at how maniacal he is, attempting to refuse funds for democratic states because they won't agree with him... I smell a future dictator...

Author — Hello


My concerns are, that it has been reported, that Florida officials tried to block the numbers of Florida COVID19 deaths information from the public.

I was concerned about this happening because of the great push from trump to hurry-hurry and re-open up everything.

And, with the states that have loyal to trump repub Governors, Desantis is one, and other repub officials, such withholding of critical information is what I feared from the start.
And, whomever was responsible for holding back vital data for Florida's recovery progress has not only shown corrupt behavior, but also the action of withholding vital information, which is a danger for the people in Florida, because they must know if the numbers are increasing/decreasing during the first few months of re-opening, and those who withheld the information should go to jail!

Now, with the up coming Presidential election, i really fear that no matter how we vote there will be tampering/interference and the precautions should have already been established-in a perfect world right?!
As for the electronic method no matter how secure machines are made they can get hacked, so the only option is mail in votes.

However, in the red states with trump loyal Governors and high numbers of trump supporters, how to protect the votes for those who want to vote Dem?

Maybe at each Voting office an equal number of registered Dems & Repubs, in one room should be the only ones allowed to open and count the mail in ballots. And, each vote gets electronically entered into a counter immediately with a large screen system for all to see each vote entered, along with each vote recorded.

It's so sad to have to take such great measures for individual Americans votes, but there are just to many that don't play fair!

Author — Anna R


We have always had absentee voting. POTUS apparently doesn't understand the USA election process. We all have a right to vote.

Author — Victoria Tanner


I just started voting with an absentee ballot for a couple years ago. I've been old enough to be eligible for 20 years. I have been voting at the polls since 1962, except when my employer did not allow it. The employer that didn't allow it was the government.

Author — Jakob Stagg


Said the same thing about here in Nevada, let him try, SCREW

Author — RedGryyn


Trump lamenting hypothetical corruption? LOL!!!

Author — Michael Janiszewski


President: I can vote by mail. But, y’all can’t.

Author — bunny-hop93 GAMING


Wow, perfect timing for the Election.

Author — Keith Watkins