Is Pelosi losing her grip? Speaker clashes with radical Dems

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House anti-hate resolution leads to party infighting, Nancy Pelosi facing new questions about how much control she has over her the Democratic Party; reaction and analysis from 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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Omar is slowly showing she is not truly a part of any party outside of the Islamic party.

Author — MegaSkilla


She never had control of those scumbags.

Author — BBQSmoker NC


There's no accidental incidents with the Democrats. They're purposefully laying groundwork for ending all freedom for the American people.

Author — Chris Taylor


Bottom line. We can not let them ever gain the White House again. EVER

Author — ironhorse67


She never had a grip on Reality in the First

Author — phuloc6


In the real world my boss would have fired her and then sent the memo out we will not tolerate this kind of action. From any other employees.

Author — jarome schin


Splain to me how a low-IQ Somali has the privilege of serving in Congress...

Author — Sonam Palmo


Great . Democrats divided backstab and fight each other .

Author — Tamzid Mohsin Khan


Do not be fooled, Omar is dangerous!   The Troyan Horse!!

Author — Ingeborg70


She, Pillosi, never had a grip. She should retire, and deal with her neural dissorders. So Sad

Author — rick walcott


Nancy Pelosi can't even keep her thoughts together let alone her party! Give her a breathalyzer, she sounds drunk! 🤪😵😳

Author — Robin Johnson


The democrats have always thrived on dividing this country. And now it's happening to their own party. They deserve it.

Author — Tmarie PI


I love it they are digging their own graves. LOL

Author — Renesmae Sherman


Poor senile desperate he sees Pelosi "holding it together" with a meaningless "let's not hate anybody" kindergarten statement. Trump Triumphs Again in 2020.

Author — Katherine Burbott


"Is Pelosi losing her grip?" That WAS rhetorical, was it not?

Author — fattymoko


Brian's finally talking straight. Juan needs to go to Venezuela

Author — waynenevada


The senior Democrat said "all of our problems are caused by three people."
He's absolutely right, but they got what they asked for. Nancy - no guts, no glory.

Author — AlfredoBodega


Dem you are going to lose Jewish votes and Christian votes
watch cca news 2019 youtube

Author — Rudy Bernstein


It's Time To Decapitate The Democratic Party !!!!

Author — Terry P


She never answered the questions raised by Guccifer 2.0. about her involvement in Benghazi. She needs to be brought to justice.

Author — Last777 Revenant