Cooper breaks down whistleblower complaint revelations

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CNN's Anderson Cooper points to President Donald Trump's questionable track record on sharing information with foreign leaders behind closed doors. #CNN #News

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And we wonder why Snowden did it his way :/

Author — Mo A


Dose this mean we will see a redacted whistleblower complaint?

Author — Patrick Martin


Barr's protection/persecution racket continues. The top levels of the justice department is part of the Trump mafia now.

Author — Aquatic Borealis


Nearly three years in and I STILL can't wrap my head around the fact that this clown is president.
Come on America, you're better than this.

Author — Dan D


He says he's transparent but refuses and actively blocks the ability to obtain his tax transparent 😂

Author — Joshua Williams


When the people you hired start ratting you out that's a sign to stop pretending nothing's wrong

Author — Darrle Ennis


I bet it was 6ix9ine that submitted the whistleblower complaint!

Author — David Morales


Then impeach wait, Republicans own the Senate

Author — jrwhite21


I’m all for privacy issues and allowing the US President to have a reasonably free hand on foreign policy but I draw the line at deals with hostile foreign powers. If anything demonstrates that Trump is a foreign asset, this is it

Author — cool jazz


To be honest, I am worried about the safety of this person. Seeing how this plays out, I doubt if his/her identity will be kept confidential for the president and Barr.
And even if it is kept secret, it is probably not hard to figure out the identity of this person. There are only a limited amount of people to have access to certain information.

Author — Okkie Trooy


"most transparent" really ? What about them tax returns?

Author — Ivan Chavez


Swap Obama with Trump and guess what the GOP would be saying...

Author — vidsbyme


That's not the DNI's call. The Constitution says "Shall" report to Congress, not "if they think it's important enough."

Author — Michael Talley


It simply boggles the mind the Bill Clinton went through Impeachment Hearings for lying about one event (wrong as it was) and Trump has been caught in lie after lie after lie, been compromised for breaking White House rules (Emoluments Clause, nepotism, security clearances, etc) so he just ignores or changes them, Executive orders his way around Congress to get what he wants, encourages law breaking with promises of pardons to get what he wants done, compromises safety of spies and soldiers spilling Top Secret information and much more shady stuff.

Trump dances on the edges of propriety and the law to enrich his family and promote his properties and Republicans keep turning a blind eye as long as the reap some benefits as well!

Author — Crystal M


"Most transparent", he's right. They're keeping us from hearing the whistleblower complaint, suing anyone who seeks his taxes, constant obstruction, grandstanding, misdirection by him and his staff, making deals with foreign governments to hurt his political rivals, lying constantly and covering up all they can right out in the open. How much more proof do the Dems need to impeach or invoke the 25th amendment?

Author — RP


Just another desperation nothing burger from the dems. How pathetic.

Author — El Masquato


"...that's uh, unclear..."
Savage, Anderson. Savage.

Author — Paranormal News Today


MIght as well shred up the Constitution - it's worthless now.

Author — D Morgan


I do Know This. The next time there is a whistle blower they will just go to the press. This is what causes that! Period!

Author — cycleforwardtime


Why so many cover ups in the white house

Author — Cherri Patson