10 Most Popular Kazakh Foods And Drinks

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Traditionally Kazakh cuisine was based on meat and dairy products. But more recently vegetables, fruits, fish, baked dishes, and sweets have been added to the list of delights Kazakhs offer to their guests. Other countries and ethnic groups Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Tatars, Russians and many more have large similarities in their food culture with Kazakhstan.



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Türkiye'den selamlar hepsi çok lezzetli görünüyor Kazakistan ata yurduna gelmeyi çok istiyorum.

Author — E Turkic


There are also other important Kazakh dishes that did not mention in this video. 1. Jarpa: stew meat with carrots, potato and other vegetables covered with multiple very thin-layered steamed bread.; 2. Manti: steamed buns stuffed with mutton and vegetables. This probably was influenced by Chinese food. In southern China, steamed buns with stuffed meat is called Mantou. 3. Bidai Kuojo. During the Kazakh new year called Nauruz (usually around March 20th every year ), Kazakhs eat a soup called Bidai Kuojo. It's like yogurt soup mixed with 7-8 kinds of seeds like wheat, barley, beans etc.

Author — L Bao


I live in Turkey and my family origin kipscakh from Kazakhstan Allah(Tengri one god) bless with all Kazakhs and Mongols.

Author — CEM


samosa/pulaao/kebab is from central asian state not from india proper
because people on the indus valley were vegetarian prior to islam

Author — Baharti are dogs


I love kumys, beshbarmak, baursaq, and everything)

Author — Temirlan Abildin


My mother was Kazakh, loved it when she cooked Kazakh foods.

Author — Jetsun Thinley


The names of dishes are similar to some Arab dishes

Author — مازن


Its wrong to say that Russian food is similar, but Russians have taken on and eat regularly these foods along with traditional Slavic foods.

Author — Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов


Ну, скажем так, лагман, самсу, шурпа любим и уважаем, но эти блюда пришли к нам от других народов, спасибо им за это!

Author — Еркин Сахи


Nice. We also have #9 (Samsa) here in Brazil, but it's called "esfirra". The same for #8 (Shelpek), but here it is called "pastel".

Author — THI HILLS Music


4:46 that CAN'T be healthy! Or can it? HORSEMEAT-Sausage!?? LoL

Author — Thomas King Schillerlein


Lots of similarities with Mongolian food

Author — Liana Duhlian


Peace and Blessings.

Wonderful array of food.

No wonder Mongolian people are always happy in videos....meat, meat and more meat.😁

I have tasted all meat served here except mutton...I tasted horse from Venezuela once.
Beans and rice are missing from your dishes...do Mongolians not eat beans?
Enjoyed the video thank you.
8/20/18. 10:54AM🇺🇸

Author — Alejandra Parker


Thanks, a lot. Gotta grab something to eat now.

Author — Nolan Nolan


What do people like to put in laghman?

Author — Chef Rafi's Awesome World


Laghman originally from Xi'an(in Tang dynasty called Chang an), China called 拉面(La mian), and Lavsha came from russian word Лапша. Uyghurs and some residential Turkic tribe transfer it with local favorite and little bit change its original name.
p.s. in my opinion 13 century Marco polo take that noodle skilled cuisine into Italy.
We Kazakh call water is Su, milk is Сүт(Su't). In Chinese call water 水(Shui), In Mongolian call milk Сүү.
In our Kazakh language Тәңір(Tangir) mean sky/creator, in Chinese call sky 天(Tian), example like Tianshan mountains in Kazakh language is Тәңір тау (Tangir tau).
and we call bowl Шыны/Чыны(Shyny/Chyny) wich is like China. because in ancient time nomadic people would not have porcelain bowl only from China, and our Turkic tribe ancestors call its originally place. in nowadays Turkey called China Çin.

Author — Donat


Beshbarmak é uma comida mais rica e deliciosa!

Author — Ануар Тулегенов


Can anyone recommend me a good kazakh restaurant in nyc?

Author — cplunajr745


Greetings from your Hazara brothers. We have the exact same food But with a twist of persian/ indian food.

Author — Mehdi khan


I need the recipes of sorpa.can anyone pls upload.

Author — Anwer Wali