New video shows immediate aftermath of police killing Dayton shooter

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New cell phone video shows the chaos inside the crowded Ned Peppers Bar in Dayton's Oregon District when police stormed in, just seconds after officers shot and killed Conner Betts who opened fire on people outside. Betts can be seen facedown in the video, with police weapons still pointed at him. Dean Reynolds reports.

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I guess they forgot to mention he was a far-left antifa activist as well

Author — M W


Why are they showing this mass shooter in a positive side in those pictures smiling looking like he’s about to go to church with his sister

Show him in his pornogrind band ski mask costume like you would with a colored person

Author — fasthandsz


I physically blame these media news outlets if someone else does this again you are making him famous why are you airing his name and showing his face

Author — damienh1001300


Red flag legislation? how about some gun legislation.

Author — donald peters


Uma boa noite 🙏🏻🙏🙏🕊️ p vcs todos aí do jornal as pessoas em geral tem que ter mas amor a o no mundo.ok ok

Author — Heron Cabo


Hey knock knock" whos there" police, i came to get your gun! Are u danger to yourself? "Oh yea i am here take my gun!

Author — Lets make a change


News lying again. This weapon he used was illegally owned. Bought it from a friend on the black market.

Author — Joel Pursifull


DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE? Tune in to my latest video to see how you can overcome . All things are possible .



On Morning Joe, how is it that Mike Barnicle and Donny
Deutsch always stand out like a sore thumb, are usually the only ones allowed
to pay the price of the ticket to be a regular panelist on this program? On a
news and information program always well stacked with the most extreme dye
heads ever to be found on any news televison show. The only morning program
that seem to come close is CBS This Morning…So, will any unenhanced journalists
present, please stand up…

Author — Edmund Singleton


People who are “troubled” should be executed before they can hurt anyone

Author — Eric x


Anyone else notice this bar was named after the bad guy in True Grit?

Author — edthehead916


xD omg oregon. i was sleeping when this happened

Author — Meme Biologist


White Supremacy is a systemic problem and Mainstream Media is as much responsible as anyone or anything else. Media generally tries to “humanize” White Mass Murderer Terrorist and play the “mental health” angle. Black victims of Police violence is always the opposite, as they are “criminalized” by trying to identify every fault and misdeed. Patrick Crusius, the El Paso Terrorist just happened to make it impossible for the “we don’t know what happened” game to be played by his Manifesto and admission. Mainstream Media has just as much blood on their hands by under reporting the obvious White Supremacist Terrorist Networks that exists in plain sight in Law Enforcement, Church Pulpits, Schools, Political Offices, and Presidency.

Author — Sa Khepera


Government's (deep state) plot to ban guns in the US? brainwash an individual..send him out on a killing spree..shoot him after the job is done and start questioning his motive...a diversion from espteins case?...its an ugly world.

Author — Mohammad Shehryar


I am a YouTube account holder. I am making an anonymous political comment in the YouTube comments section for a YouTube upload of a controversial newsworthy video. Maybe you do not understand what I am or what I am doing. I am trying my darnedest to explain. Oh, by the way, what is my political comment? It is “sign of the times.”

Author — Kelloggs


Krazy Krakas Killing all the time, why dont they join the European occupational governmental military if they have so much lust for blood? Oh yeah, they shoot back cross seas

Author — Alexander


When will Liz Warren denounce her supporter? Conner Betts was an anti ICE antifa member, when will the left stop with the hateful rhetoric that inspired the Dayton shooter?

Author — Conservative Californian


Did anyone in the bar not have a gun at least to blow him away at the entrance had the cops not been there?

Author — S Wave


so really in the end its not just about getting long barrel guns that shoot far and accurate, its about being able to lock your neighbor up because someone thought they heard them say something bad...lol oh the future looks bright 1984 here we come



Is going to be another case of mental disorder because he's white

Author — Hector Albertorio