How To Make $200 Per Day With YouTube By Creating Simple News Videos

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You have to pay a membership in wave to upload high quality videos. You can also try wevideo which is cheaper than wave. It's really easy to create videos

Author — Miguel Avendaño


You don't have to do the voiceover if your uncomfortable speaking you can hire someone on fiverr to do it for you so yes this is possible !

Author — CIO Zimbabwe


Thank you, Dreamcloud. I have gone through several free video editors.
I will try this one next..

Author — Real Newsforever


I took the course and he doesn’t go through any of that or any of your other tips on other of your videos. Do you recommend any online course that can go into more details even if it is not free?

Author — Yulissamylove


I am a new from her but i have seen an video one year I can, t understand

Author — Worku Jemal


Appriciate the way you explained it.God bless.

Author — swaran sandeep


How do you know you can use the images? Aren’t they copyrighted?

Author — Gear Tech Stuff


Your Channel Provide Real Value Worth Watching Your Videos

Author — Mukund Panda


Copy Right good way to be sued you would need to use copyright free images brah and probably get permission to use the video

Author — Garett O


I just started doing this with the channel Im commenting with. I cant make any definitive statements as I've literally only been making videos for 24hours. But I've already got 3 vids up working on a 4 th and the vids are ACTUALLY getting a few views here and there. I don't really have time to make any decent thumbnails, and I'm also using wevideo instead. Its good, but so far I haven't figured out how to add a 3rd line of text. They have cool animations, but only offer 2 lines of text for their lower thirds, so it kind of forces you to be creative in what you choose for the text.

Author — KaMiKaZee


This obviously doesn't work. Wochit News gets hardly any views for each video.

Author — Michael Taylor


If you have a channel and want to use existing non copyright videos- how do you change the thumbnail and text before uploading to your channel....what softwares are required-?? What software do you need to upload to your own channel? Thanks!

Author — 0025 421