Cost of Trans Mountain expansion soars to $12.6B | Power & Politics

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The cost of building the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has soared from an initial estimate of $7.4 billion to $12.6 billion.

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These wishy-washy answers gives me the creeps the final costs will be much higher and with lots delay.

Author — YuenKuen


Anything the Liberals get involved in, cost double, all those kickbacks add up.

Author — Clair Denning


"We want to hear from you" then cbc blocks comments

Author — rhaven50


I thought he was a proven criminal and fraudster. When is the rcmp going to arrest lawbreaking politicians ?

Author — Richard McLeod


Politicians should never run a business. Smooth talkers never get anything done.

Author — Opinion Matters


Who is the pipeline contractor that almost doubled the cost?...Is it SNC?..That would make sense.

Author — tom bruigom


CBC doesn't allow comments on skin whitening creams

Author — kevin brown


The cost has inflated because the government (all governments) are inept at running a business efficiently.

Author — Bradly Strachan


Great.... sooo we’re going to be double for a pipeline someone else was going to build. Brutal.

Author — Elliot Peacock


Impossible. If you look at real costs of government projects, they cost usually at least 3 times more than the estimate. Some are 20 to 40 times, (e.g. Francophone games). 12.6 billion is a gross underestimate.

Author — E'raan Lue


this finance minister and the government in general cannot be trusted to do anything right or efficiently.

Author — Shayan Zafar


watch it soar to double again...$25B and at least 2 years late on the current Dec 2023 on stream timing. They’ve barely started construction and the cost forecast has blown the original budget out of the water. And let’s not forget there are still a lot of liberal friends to look after under the guise of the project over the next 5 years.

Author — Yammieboy


PM Blackface says "the budget will balance

Author — Vern Shein


Yes give a national park to them to destroy god all of canada is becoming garbage

Author — Danielle Vandermolen


As soon as the liberal govern, ent got involved this project turned in to a clown show. Just more incompetence from this government

Author — G Lewis


When they bought the pipeline they should have known the cost we're going to escalate. Normal procedure for the government. It's like it's the very first time I got to tell the public about the money.

Author — Bart Battista


Before the corrupted liberals, we didn't pay nothing for that !!!!

Author — Yvon Desrosiers


Everything is more expensive when the Liberals get ahold of it. I'm sure it will take 60 years to build as well

Author — Jas Pow


What big f*cking surpise! And guess who's stuck with the bill? Canadian tax payers! Thanks a lot! 😠

Author — Dustin Cote


Does anyone know what the yellow diamond on his jacket represents?

Author — Anthony Kruna