Coronavirus: World in 'uncharted territory' - BBC News

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There are a total of 90,936 confirmed cases worldwide - although more than half of those (47,995) have already recovered.

The biggest numbers are still by far in mainland China (80,151), followed by South Korea (4,812), Italy (2,036) and Iran (1,501).

Japan has 274 confirmed cases, France 191, Germany 165, Spain 120, Singapore 108, US 106, and Hong Kong 100.

There are also cases in South America, Africa and Australia.

The total death toll stands at 3,117 with 2,936 of those coming from China. The countries with the next highest numbers are Iran (66), Italy (52) and South Korea (29).

There have also been deaths in Japan, the US, France, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

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you should also consider washing your hands when there's not a global virus panic

Author β€” Jeyhun Guliyev


Seriously, listening to the WHO is about as useful as listening to a recording of farting and shitting noises on repeat.

Author β€” M J


This isn’t a supernatural event, this virus transmission as multiplied due to human idiocy...’travelling’. 🦠

Author β€” Pin Dan


When people in power are constantly saying "don't panic" it makes me want to panic

Author β€” Meusberg


Me: 2020 is gonna be my year

Coronavirus: Laughs in infection

Author β€” David Juma


I imagine those figures are grossly under-reported only due to the lack of adequate tracking and testing.

Author β€” The Ragged Fringe


*Everyone with Corona Virus*
"I think this is a good time to travel the world"

Author β€” NetSurfer69


Will washing my hands help stop it absorbing directly into my eyeballs from the air?

Author β€” Sean Murray


The world health organization director should be arrested and imprisoned for the spread of Coronavirus to other nations he kept down playing the situation in China.

Author β€” joey Jones


Earth: yo there messing with me again
Coronavirus: I got u bro

Author β€” Gord Borg


I wont shake any politicians hands and it's not because of the coronavirus

Author β€” stray bubbles


The WHO is one of the most corrupt ever.

Author β€” Omar Velez


The fear mongering continues. I'm glad I'm old enough to remember the times before this kind of hype has happened and we have all been told we will die πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

Author β€” shelly


Whys officials saying its so serious now
A few weeks ago the news said it was nothing to worry about and just as a common cold, make up your mind

Author β€” fc ltawil


Me in school bathroom: *starts singing happy birthday
Kids outside the bathroom door: 😨

Author β€” Elite Weeb


The WHO, "This virus can be contained".

Really? Is that why it's spread all over the world? Doesn't seem very contained to me.

Author β€” john mcintosh


"stop buying masks, they won't protect you, and we need to save them for our health care workers so they can protect them" πŸ€”

Author β€” BabeDollB


When these People say that they have a plan is that plan just to let people die ?

Author β€” A c


This is the fault of the WHO. If they had stopped travel weeks ago when this first started, it might not have been this bad.

Author β€” Kenneth Oliver


America: wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water
BBC: wash your hands & sing the happy birthday song twice

Author β€” Lumpy Muffin Mamnma