At least 9 people killed and 27 people injured in Dayton shooting

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Early this morning, at least nine people were killed and 27 injured in Dayton, Ohio before police officers shot the gunman to death. Dean Reynolds reports.

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This Dayton story will be buried because the shooter was a leftist.

Author — tdolz


Are both these accused persons video gamers?

Author — blacklivity


no one cares about this crap at this point media. you all cried wolf to many times and desensitived everyone to it .

Author — Mickey Mouse


Bush Supports Trump Despite Father, Jeb Bush

3 months ago (edited)
Nothing Trump said about Jeb was untrue.

3 months ago
Gov. Jeb-boy turned his back on Americans in favor of Latin immigrants.
Shame on him, he deserved to lose.

Alejandro Fragoso
3 months ago
I smelled a Trojan horse when I saw that Bush guy, that's the only way the Bushes can get back in the game

Mr. Reality
3 months ago
Watch out for that Bush. There is no way I’d trust any of those Bush’s. Smarten up D.T.

Crazy Elf
3 months ago
I still wouldn't trust any Bush! Jeb Bush has a bad history here in Florida!

Author — Osta Climbp