Julia Gillard misogyny speech voted most unforgettable Australian TV moment: watch in full

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Former prime minister Julia Gillard’s 2012 'misogyny speech' has been voted the most unforgettable moment of Australian TV history by Guardian readers. Here is the speech in full

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I have literally no idea what this is even about, or who these people are, but this women just crucified this man with her intellect and I loved every single second of it.

Author — Rukhsar Yazmin


Rumour has it the leader of the opposition is still applying Aloe Vera to this very day

Author — thisismusic


She may represent Australia...but she speaks for all women in our common fight against sexism, misogyny and discrimination in all corners of the world.

Author — Carmen


We are all sick of mysoginistic males.
They should not be in government.

Author — Virginia B. Britton


I don't know who that "leader of the opposition" is but he has an extremely punch-able face

Author — Aymen DZ


All the interruptions didn’t even break her cadence or cause her to miss a beat. Excellent.

Author — Angela Smith


I'm so embarrassed as an Australian, with what they did to this woman in the press. She was the most inspirational leader we’ve had in my life time.

Author — E.


Fun fact: in an emergency, you can use this speech to start a fire.

Author — Harold Ellis


I have no idea what this is about and who those people are, but damn that's slaughter

Author — Luca Ortolani


her poise, her intelligence, her articulation; was beyond anything i'd seen in politics

Author — Michael Snedker


We need a hell of a lot more ladies like her in the higher echelons of Govt..no matter where it operates. this lady is brutal and bravo to her.

Author — Chris Blanchard


He and his disgusting smirk deserve every word coming out of this wonderful woman's mouth

Author — #andratuttobene #todovaairbien


Hate her or love her, can’t deny this speech was amazing. She came with receipts to eviscerate a slimy lizard.

Author — Optimistic Octopus


I can see Tilda Swinton playing her in a movie.

Author — asentzio


Wow he certainly had that smarmy smile wiped off his face real fast.

Author — B. Webb


This was recommended. Damn she's on fire. Loved it. I have no idea who they are. She's awesome

Author — Justplainrobin


I was just waiting for her to say "He needs a mirror", and then when she unexpectedly said those exact words I thought of in my head, I was like SHIIIEEET!

Author — Marko Ranković


I loved how Abbott's face changed as he realised what a powerful, and accurate indictment of his character, words and actions this speech was.

Author — Crypto Monkey


The smug, smart-assed grin on the oppo leader's face dissapeared for some reason....

Author — Mike Regan


Julia Gillard: Starts her speech
15 minutes later..
Leader of the Opposition: In intensive case from that bruising..

Author — pmack smith