कजाखस्तान की इस सच्चाई को आप नहीं जानते | Amazing fact About Kazakhstan in hindi

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The ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is one of the most developed countries of Central Asia. Due to the abundance of oil and minerals, this country is very rich. This country is as interesting and beautiful as its name. The culture, language and geography here attract everyone very much. Today we are going to talk about some fun things related to Kazakhstan.

1. Kazakhstan means the country of adventure people. Here is the capital of Astana. If you go to Astana, you will feel like you are in the future because its modern architecture and attractive designs are emerging especially, which attracts everyone on their side.
2. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country which has met North I Russia, west of China and South I from Ujbekistan. But you would be surprised to know that despite this being a landlocked country, this country has a naval force.
3. More than 70% of Kazakhstan's non-Muslims are Muslims and the remaining survivors follow Christianity. Here girls are given great independence. Girls can do whatever they want here and who can do whatever they want. The women here are considered very brave and warrior. This is a Muslim country where most of the girls work in administration.
4. Kazakhstan's economy Middle Asia is the largest economy. A large part of it comes from oil and other minerals. The Tengiz oil field here is one of the world's largest areas.
5. People living in Kazakhstan represent more than 120 countries. This is a country where only 6 people live every year. The official language here is Kazakh and Russian.

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