Iraq and Syria: After Islamic State? [Full Documentary] - BBC News

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The defeat of the so-called Islamic State has left Sunni Muslim populations crushed and Shia Muslim military forces victorious, although only after terrible sacrifices. BBC Correspondent Feras Kilani returns to the battlegrounds to assess the human cost and ask whether this is really the end for extreme jihadism in Iraq and Syria.

This film is made up of footage shot throughout Kilani's coverage since the Battle of Mosul in 2014. This rare view exposes the harsh and unforgiving reality of war and occupation, and the lengths that special correspondents will go to tell their story.

This Documentary was filmed in the course of 2 years, While covering the battle for Mosul, correspondent Feras Kilani narrowly cheated death, after the convoy he was advancing with was targeted by a VBIED.

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Amazing. The Western nations go into other countries to change the regimes that the people are satisfied with, in the name of liberation, and they bring nothing but destruction....then we wonder why these people attack us....

Author — sonofagun00


The funny part is that the reporter is palestinian pro-hamas, pro-isis and pro everything that is wahabi. I mean it is BBC, afterall..

Author — SonOfBabylon


May the Lord bless the people of Iraq and Syria who have to suffer through the hellish horrors of war. These people have suffered long enough, God please spare these people from continued suffering.

Author — rcanal21


All thanks to John McCain and his policy support for Isis. Quite confident he would not be in Heaven.

Author — zoezoe610


Compassionate and professional reporting by this journalist. A brave dude.

Author — Vik Z


I am so sorry. I feel bad for innocent people losing life and property.

Author — AMAN J


Imagine being born in those places.
And lives of innocent families living there, specially women and children, I feel so bad for them.

Author — ocean cat


For those who believe everything the media says about Islam or just believe ignorant on YouTube remember this, literally ALL muslims hate ISIS, like seriously why do you believe they represent Islam?
In Muslim countries like the UAE they are very developed that the world looks up to them. How the hell are they not killing each other then? You guys believe everything non muslims say about islam but you dont believe the muslims themselves.

I am a Sunni from Baghdad, capital of iraq

Author — THehuss hisht


Looks like BBC is unhappy to see ISIS getting defeated in Iraq.

Author — Little Star


13:23 even that building's face is of horror

Author — octane


Next: The United Kingdom after Brexit! 🤔

Author — J K


This documentary only promotes sectarianism. Iraq is a country that has gone through sectarian devastating war and you people make a documentry potraying the shias as devils, the ones that lost thousands of men trying to save it´s people.

Author — xEvox7


This is so sad watching the children's faces breaks my heart 💔😢😭😭 so let's stop complaining about our life because we are more blessed than to the people in Syria, Iraq and in the place where violence is part of they're everyday life....Praying for you people in Syria and Iraq from Philippines...

Author — Esports Psycho_O


44:56 please tell me someone took the civilian up on his offer of tea

Author — Hobo G


@ 12:45 So, every clan has it's own mosque ?
What a division in one faith .which one is right ?

Author — Skoko 1945


Why I am watching this kinda painful videos? its becauseI was born in war and grow up there?
I believe in Nature and our Mother Nature will never forgive us!

Author — Daan Asten


Living under saddam regime would still had been better then this kind of hell.

No peace, stability, security, family!!! Nothing means

Author — Arnik Saraiya


When that women cried I could feel.that pain



I think americans and their supporters will be happy now, seing entire of country destroyed, in the name of the West democracy.

Author — Lenin Quinto Achebe


Watching Ur home ...like this...where u spent beautiful moments ...with Ur family and friends is very heartbreaking 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author — gamer cat