Imran Khan says Missile Attack was about to happen (BBC Hindi)

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पाकिस्तान के प्रधानमंत्री इमरान ख़ान ने क्यों कहा कि मिसाइल अटैक होने वाला था...

वीडियो: PTV

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I am shocked that the way how they are calm in the parliament

Author — abhinav reddy


Imran khan prime minister naa hotte ton Pakistan 🇵🇰 & India 🇮🇳 ka war ho jana thaa imran khan best 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — sandeep singh


hit like if u agree..
Imran kham madharchod hai..

Author — #BANARASIA#007


The way he think is what everyone should. He seems a great leader ... love from nepal

Author — nyima tashi


Appreciable speech by imran Khan
We also want peace sir....

Author — piyush kumar


Shame on @BBCNewsHindi for such a "Irresponsible and Provocative Headline" of a thoroughly peaceful message.

Author — Anurag Yadav


His way of speaking clearly shows the love and affection for people !! What a Leader They got !! Hats off man 👏👏👏👏

Author — Z AweZome Boy


Your parliament is so quiet. They know that God gave them two years and one mouth for a reason. Great job by all of them. Imran Khan sir, your speach was awesome! I think you genuinely want peace with India. Please do not give up for the same of the peoples of the two nations.

Author — Suresh Bharadwaj


काश्मीर के साथ बलुचिस्तान के बारें मे भि wakalat karo. काश्मीर की समस्या क्या आप भिकारी, tererist लोक हल करना चाहते हो. अमन की बात तो पहले भी आप कर सकते थे. अपने की nahi. अब aap par कार्यवाही हो रही है तो फट्ट रही है.

Author — Sandip Kadu


Pak fauz itni prepared h ki andhere me kuch dikha hi nhi😂😂😂😂

Author — Somesh Maurya


Look at his simplicity.What a humble personality he is. Love for Imran khan across the border.🙏

Author — hemant khanda


Good speech for peace... We must keep up peace either with the present or the next government.
Peace making from India.
Jai hind.

Author — Gopal Singha


The way he talks and his thinking shows he is a gret leader...

Author — ron


One thing is for sure that....
*Imraan Khan is persuasive af*

Author — Zonz Ponz


From Nepal wow well said PM Imran Khan

Author — Sanju Shakya


Cup saaf Karne wale or cup Jitne wale ka farak dekh hi jata

Author — Singh Kashmir


When will Modi address the parliament regarding this?

Author — Buggy D Clown


Traits of a true leader. Good job in averting the war!!

Author — Mad Irishman


Choose war or peace... The nation stands behind you Captain!!! So proud of you!

Author — Sikandar Khan


19:15 to 20:10
Absolutely Nailed It...

Author — S A