PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!! www.DrJeffPublicSafety.com

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PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!!


This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

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Author — jvwmd


how could anyone be rude in comments when someone is trying to help

Author — wsd Drama


Great tips, and great to see medical professionals taking the lead to proactively promote health. However, if you open a contaminated cereal box with your clean hands, then open the packaging and put it on the clean side, as you did, you just cross-contaminated. Maybe you assume people will listen to the message you're saying, rather than watch. But that's a conflicting message, and you better believe that people will "listen" to more of what they see (monkey see, monkey do), than what they hear. Slip ups like that seem pretty dangerous.

The solution: use gloves. As few as you can, but as many as you need to not spread contamination. It's like having a second skin you can peel off and not worry about whether your hand washing or disinfectant was 100% effective. If you go to all the effort to do that stuff with groceries, it's worth making sure it's not wasted.

Also, the assumption is that the broccoli isn't contaminated. If it is, you just put that in your fridge. I know you could say that for just about any produce, though there are things you can do reduce potential contamination, or risk of it. Think of how likely something may have been in contact with human hands or contaminated air or water (from coughs, sneezes... I'm unsure if moisture from breath can carry it) and act accordingly.

There was also a missed opportunity at the McDonalds part to wipe it off the table and tell people not to buy crap like that, in general, and at times like these. :D The statement about the virus "not doing well in food" was also vague. Do you mean cooked food? A burger still has a bun, which was handled by a person, and if you know about fast food stores and people... those two don't mix well when it comes to food safety. Hence my jokey, but partly series "wipe it off the table" comment.

Otherwise, good video. I'd love this info to come from official sources, rather than tucked away in news articles and YouTube videos by health professionals. Some of it has, but the most useful info I've found has been from unofficial sources.

Author — Bruce


I really like how he said “be nice in your comments”.

Author — Regina’s Vlogs


When shopping for produce, I use a bag to cover my hand like a glove as I select the produce so that I am not touching it directly, and then it goes straight into the bag. Then for every produce time, I have new 'glove'.

Also, I see a lot of people suggesting wearing gloves. Gloves don't magically protect you! *It's better to wash or sanitize your hands!* Gloves are not offering you any sort of intrinsic protection, and worse they may offer a false sense of security. If someone coughs on a glove and touches something, it's the same as if they weren't wearing gloves. And if the next person is wearing gloves, touches the thing, and then touches their face, again, it doesn't matter if they are wearing gloves.

Author — Jacqueline Overton


Jeffery, thank you so much! The "GLITTER" example is such a creative way to explain. Stay safe Stay healthy.
With more guys like you in the world we will win.

Author — Jim Williams


Only thing I would have added was to wash your hands after de-bagging and trashing the take out containers. Well done.

Author — Derek Ryder


The fact that this hero has to tell everyone to be nice in the comments is a real tragedy.

Author — Heather Gardner


Literally did everything in this video before it existed while my husband sighed at me, thinking I was insane, and gave me mad crazy looks, so I’m truly grateful that this video came out. Now, he does everything that I ask him to without the spit and venom and me shouting, “If you get it, we get it too!!!” So here’s to all the wives who are married to men who listen to complete strangers, before they listen to their wives! Cheers! I feel your pain.🥂

Author — Ms. May's Corner


Thank you!! My husband was looking for this exact info online, he has had so much anxiety. Then this popped up in my Facebook feed, and it was exactly what he needed to see. He followed your exact methods and it was such a relief!

Author — Jupiter Moon 3


Ordered groceries online from Walmart, drove up when notified they were ready. They loaded them into trunk. Drove home. Will try these tips. Thank you.

Author — P H


I have been leaving my purse at home when I go to a store - I just bring my debit or credit card in my pocket (and wash it with soap and water when I get home).

Author — The Bears Of Banff


Thank you for the information, I can’t even imagine the stress you are under. I know a lot of people on the internet can be awful but I truly hope you only receive positivity. You are truly a hero! Please know anyone on the front lines is a hero and we are all behind you. Lots of love!

Author — Samantha Nicole


Outstanding video---thank you for posting it. My only addition: don't talk while you are disinfecting food. Or wear a mask/ scarf. Unwittingly, we spit when we talk!

Author — Honahlee Vet


Thank you, Jeffrey; appreciate your knowledge and sharing here.

Author — Lauren Kegley


I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been so inspired to go harder in my garden this year. The less I have to rely on supermarkets in a world like this, the better. 🤧

Author — Cara S.


Thanks for doing this video. A couple of additions:
Don’t use the same paper towel to clean all the groceries. Use it on a few items; then saturate a new piece of paper towel for the next few groceries.

Vegetables and fruits in plastic bags should still be washed with soap and water; you don’t know who packaged them or under what conditions.

Wash your hands with soap and water before and after doing this whole process.

Launder cloth bags after using them.

Throw away or recycle all removed packaging. Put them in enclosed container while waiting for them to be picked up by trash or recycling service.

Author — Elizabeth Miller


That you for this. An observation - It seems to me there was cross-contamination when you handled the contaminated cereal box and then with the same hands reached in to pull out the plastic inside. The plastic would then be viewed as contaminated but it was placed on the clean side of the counter thereby rendering the clean side contaminated. Seems a better approach would be to open the box and either have someone else pull out the bag or use tongs to pull it out.

Author — Gerald King


*goes to store for wipes or disenfectent

"Anndd I'm screwed"

Author — Joseph Dynan


Damn! I don’t even wanna go shopping now! I had to go everyday to to find things since everyone is hoarding! Thanks for the info

Author — Eduardo .Salvador