Jordan on released Ohr docs: 'Pretty clear' what they were up to

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Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan reacts to release of 302s and evidence of an extensive backchannel between Steele and the DOJ. #Hannity #FoxNews

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99% of FBI good.Not buying that Shawn. And I don't think most people believe that either.

Author — Real Fedup


Those disgraced FBI leaders don’t deserve a pension, they deserve a Penitentiary!!!

Author — CRS Donchaknow


The only word that comes to my mind is TREASON!

Author — americafirstgal


stop saying the 99% of the FBI are great people !!!! where are those great FBI people to tell the trout where are why did they go along with this horror story????

Author — Lia Benshoshan


If there are no indictments and prosecutions for this seditious malfeasance against Donald Trump... then it means the rule of law in the United States has collapsed.

Author — Richard Ralph Roehl


I’m tired of hearing the BS that “99% of the FBI are good people”! If they’re so good where are the whistle blowers?

Author — Terry Brady


And yet none of them will be tried for treason or spend a single day in Our justice system only pertains to we the regular people.

Author — Saiyaman g


no great FBI agent came forward and Edward Snowden is left out in the

Author — Sick Rick


The Dems have lost their freaking minds!!!! I agree charge them with trason...

Author — manoffayth


It was a Coup attempt, we know that crystal clear. Now, who is gonna answer for it?

Author — Pdub Adub


The left fixes election and blames everything they do on others. PROJECTION IS THE LEFT'S ONLY REASON AS WELL AS DEFENCE.

Author — Hideo Kuze


If the FBI and doj do their job they're going to find out Bruce Ohr is a spy Chinese spy

Author — Gregory Chaffer


"He did this, he did that, he's guilty of this he's guilty of that" and no one goes to jail! Sick of this same old story

Author — Rsc 1970


Ok so now what. Nothing. No jail time, nothing. The show continues and america keeps sinking

Author — hanzo935


LETS SEE SOME ACTION, tired of all the talk, get to rounding up the demoscum

Author — arborcidal maniac


Ok lets arrest, trial them, convict them and jail them. How many more years are we to wait?

Author — darkstar18498


“Shawn Hannity! Bruce ohr needs to be in prison tonight. The FBI NEEDS TO KICK 🦵 HIS HOUSE DOOR DOWN IMMEDIATELY...”

Author — Joe Sua


Freaking Do Something! We have had enough of you all talking & doing nothing! It is dangerous out here!!!

Author — Audrey Mancuso


President Trump's popularity will soar when the swamp elites start getting arrested !

Author — Harry Higgenbotham


They expected him to be as dirty, corrupt and underhand as they are!
Demonrats burn in hell🖕🏼

Author — KALUS DJ