Inside Italy's coronavirus 'red zone'

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Schoolteacher Marzio Toniolo describes life under lockdown in San Fiorano, one of the northern Italian towns under quarantine as coronavirus cases rise. 
Around 50,000 residents of 11 towns across Lombardy, where the outbreak emerged suddenly on Friday, and Veneto have been quarantined for at least the next 15 days as Italian authorities scramble to contain the worst outbreak of the virus in Europe and the third worst in the world. 

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Italy is the only Western country that is making large-scale screenings..
Most of the people infected with Coronavirus are asymptomatic, so are you really sure that, if no other European country performs tests on asymptomatic people, there are no other cases of Coronavirus in Europe?
Italy is doing a great job and we Italians are stronger than a virus.
I have confidence in the Italian health care system, it's among the best in the world and totally free.
We'll get through this together 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Author — Edoardo D


May Italy and the rest of the world recover from this quickly.

Author — Ray Mak


We wish you well from the U.K keep safe

Author — fandabydozy


I prey to the Lord that All people everywhere get well who have been infected... Keep safe..

Author — malc Moore


Those who have mild symptoms usually have strong immune systems but mostly the eldery are the ones who tend to have severe pneumonia and organ failure.

Author — Johny Myers


Regards from Poland. Keep strong guys!

Author — Paweł


The people who "recovered" can still infect others.

Author — PunkTV


I think the Italian people are fantastic, its clear from what that bloke said they are not wanting to spread the virus themselves even if they think they may already have it and are happy that the police are also stopping anyone from leaving, all the Brits iv seen caught up in it are bickering about how they can't go off anywhere

Author — PhilOffHisTree


Saluto da Turchia, lo spero passa come possible veloce amo italia Napoli e gente ❤️.
Che Bella paese Che Hai

Author — Umut Umit


Honestly I'm more scared of the after-virus than of the virus itself. Italy's economy is already going through tough times and we seriously can't afford another recession.

Author — Roper™


Looks like Thanos snapped his fingers..

Author — Jagzilla


Please stay safe and well.
Now it's Virus vs Human.
Those fools hiding in youtube can continue to whine chinese and batsoup...

Author — fngsdy53


So those who a high fever 3 days or others who just experience diahea. Mild symptoms go on to infect others. Than later could get virus again. The world has no idea how many has the virus

Author — Kay King


Well, unfortunately, there's an obligation to stay at home now. You can go out just to do the shopping or for other urgent reasons and you have to have a permit. Let's hope it's all right, a hug (virtual, quiet) from Italy ❤️

Author — Queen In Italiano


Damn the coronavirus creates ghost towns

Author — Ethan Mears


umbrella corperation have done in another town

Author — TheRestlessrogue


"it just strong fever" mate elderly and those that have preexisting conditions this is deadly!

Author — Katsura ja nai, Zura da!


Speriamo che se ne esca in breve tempo

Author — Electric Experiments Roobert33


Glad you can get out and get some fresh air, and walks dogs etc. Stay strong!

Author — Czech Warrior


Chloroquine works on Coronavirus. Take that medications just in case

Author — Al Lex