Huge Thanks for Victoria fans from Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan you are more than welcomed, I didn't miss a game in Victoria and never seen a team play so hard no matter the score, and was truly an honour to have met you all. Go Kazakhstan ❤ come back anytime to your adopted city.

Author — CT CT


Thanks a lot Victoria's canadians for support our country Kazakhstan.It was amazing when you supported our team.All the time we cheered on the team with you.

Author — Marvel from Sin City


You're welcome, you guys were awesome to watch.
Best of luck with the rest of your season to all the Kazakhstan players.

Author — ThinkVic2


We love you Team Kazakhstan! I was the volunteer who was given the honour of driving your gear to Vancouver - the other drivers were very jealous!

Author — somegalfromcan


Молодцы ✊ проявили уважение к стране кленового листа!

Author — Искандер Зулкарнай


Your Welcome Kazakhstan Pure entertaining, enjoyed your game of hockey.Your welcome to come back anytime.

Author — Rone Atkinson


Woohoo Barsy fans this is awesomeness... Victoria wont forget about Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Author — Lesley Davies


Респект спортсменам, БРАВО БАЛЕЛЬЩИКИ!



I am so pleased you had a great time in our little city!

Author — gelli rhondda


Victorian here, I was yelling pretty loud for Kazakhstan at that game. They worked so hard and that's what speaks to Canadian hockey fans. We loved watching you guys work your butts off! Come back again!

Author — MrDerfury


Your're most welcome .. And You're most welcome here any time !! All the best to you all .

Author — Mike Pearce


Aww, thank you! That's very kind of you!
I hope your team had a good time while here.

Author — kirkygirl


Watched the kids play from Kazakhstan in Victoria. It was fun to watch them play and they were giving 110 percent all the time. Singing the goal song was awesome or so good, so good lol .

Author — Mike lewis


I had the privilege to be in the stands this year. Just like most in the stadium, I was rooting for Kazakhstan the whole way! To hear the arena explode with that first Kazakh goal was thrilling, and deafening. It says a lot about the game, and the human spirit.... Thank You, Kazakhstan!

Author — spelunkerd


Thanks for making this fantastic video, Team Kazakhstan! Hope you can come back to Victoria!

Author — Liz Walker


It was an inspiration to watch all you young men never give up! You will always be Victoria’s adopted hockey team ☺️ Demid, I hope you received the hockey socks and the ticket stub from the game against Finland where you had 3 standing ovations! When you turned around and smiled at the fans, we fell in love 💖 May you all have puck luck for the rest of your hockey careers!

Author — Angela Hawe


Not gonna lie, my only regret was not getting a jersey before they were all sold out. Loved watching these guys and loved the jersey just as much!

Author — MKnut207


I am sure the kazahk boys don't even know what the word quit means, they get down 11-0 they wont quit, they get up 11-0 they wont quit. it was a joy watching team Kazakhstan play, watching there no quit attitude was amazing. I was really sad that Kazakhstan played in Victoria but the second the relegation game tickets came up I got some. you guys are welcome back to Vancouver and Victoria any time. GO KAZAKHSTAN. best wishes in the rest of your hockey careers.

Author — Ben Yerxa