Inside Raqqa: The Raqqa Resistance

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Sky News has obtained footage giving us a glimpse into daily life in Raqqa and the Islamic State's strongholds. In the footage children play executions at schools, and reportedly are put on the front line in battles.
The group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) also warns Russian airstrikes are killing civilians and helping Daesh.

Sarmad, who is co-founder of RBSS, said: "The Russian airstrike and the regime were falsely stating that they were attacking the Daesh and destroying the locations of ISIS, when in actual fact they were harming the civilians."

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Even if every ISIS fighter were killed today, would ISIS be destroyed? I don't believe so.  It's an ideology with its roots in the Salafist interpretation of Islam coming out of Saudi Arabia.

Author — Phil V


Someone obviously snitched on these guys 7:12

Author — Protoman


I hope Syria people will give ISIS good punishment. No mercy!

Author — Rohan Rohansingh


Obviously they are not shooting at the demonstrators since they just firen over 6000 rounds in a minute and no demonstrator dies heheheh fail



I have 20 month old son and I always teach him the value of LIFE... Anything that lives is especially beautiful

Author — S RH


Funny, raqqa revolts against the regime for freedom then gets a worse group of people that controls every single thing they do

Author — Ruben


Over 350 syrian police died in the first month. The lies in the beginning of this are not accurate!!!

Author — padkirsch


Even live bullets shot in the air, not aiming anybody, are deterrent ...when Farkhunda was slaughtered by the crowd in Afghanistan, police shot once in the air, and the crowd stopped attacking her... that woman could be alive now, if the police had done its job.

Author — Karina` Smith


its going to be a sweet fight for Raqqa once russians approach there

Author — cocojumbo


What f....n "Activists" ?! It's usually one shady crooked guy talking about another one or another jihadi organization .

Author — Dejan Dimoski


Bet u all wish for the old beautiful SYRIA now don't ya..

Author — Maccy Mcdonald


so many lies, so many wrongs in this video. Nice new trucks they got! wonder WHO gave them that.

Author — prksL66


Crepate maledetti di sky ISIS=USANAZIREGIME
A Morte i Sion

Author — Gian Lu


These Syrian fools trade a bad Assad for the worst Daesh. They got what they had wished for.

Author — Ya Goo


real Muslims need to stand together and save there religion asap before its destroyed for ever an forbidden by most countries and not excepted over the next hundred years if this is still going on Islam will be no more

Author — Wrap It Up TV


Feel sorry for all those innocent people. shouldn't have to live this way. Isis are not muslims. they should not even be considered as humans.

Author — sam


i like that russia is bombing civilians but no proofs given the us bombs civilian and proof comes to public everyone is ok it that

Author — Alexandre Nascimento


hey guys my mates and I are planning a getaway to Raqqa this spring and we're wondering about any cool bars to chill at. we're looking to take in some sights maybe Islamic history stuff. any resorts would be cool to know about. cuz were gonna be looking at gettin relaxation style massadges too. and whatever else is cool. maybe cooking classes or shows. send me a pm were two younk and pretty sporty guys definintly handsum. tnx dawgs

Author — A Lil Kangaroo


a democratic elected president shouldn´t be allowed to sit more that 8-9 years. not even the main man, president of the united states can´t sit more than 8 years.
...so YES(!!!) Assad IS a dictator!

Author — Galimah


How many time can this video be plagurised, and given a slightly different story.... USA should be well and truely ashamed of themselves

Author — Janina Simons