Faith Nation: March 12, 2019

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Faith Nation: March 12, 2019

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Lord, you know I pray for Trump too ! Bring your Holy spirit to come upon Donald Trump and his family and bring in to his second term! Fail Robert Mueller on his Russian collusion case and show him there is NO collusion or give me the STIGMATA of your CRUCIFIXION for I don't want to see my one and only favorite president Trump impeached, indicted and becoming a martyr, like Manafort and Cohen!In the name of God , the son and Holy spirit, thy name in Christ, Amen!!!🇺🇸😔🙏😭❤✝️

Author — Gothic Dragon warrior Queen


Impeach because he broke the law lied to American people over and over again??? No Impeach him because he is a terrible Human Being, who singelhandedly divided this Country and our Allies and caused this demonic void around the rid of him lock him up and away, , , like he said to do with Hilary

Author — Juan Aviles


praying for Trump and for the trump haters to come to our side. God Bless America and deepest gratitude to all the men and women - police - border patrol - military and all first responders - thank you so much for risking your lives for us - praying for you every day.

Author — integrity matters