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The Coronavirus is sweeping around the world. It’s a global emergency like we’ve never seen before. Europe now has become epicentre of the Corona crisis. Italy is ground zero, and its healthcare system is buckling under the pressure. Scenes like this could come soon in Spain, France and Germany too. And European leaders are warning it could get much, much worse.

And the US isn’t far behind, although the president insists he is on top of things. But the markets don’t seem to agree. The economy is heading for a huge recession.

Back in China, where it all began, the worst seemsto be over, at least for now. Infections are down dramatically from their peak and president Xi Jinping has been to visit healthcare workers in the city of Wuhan, which is China's ground zero. Some have even said China’s response is a model for the world. An extreme lockdown that helped to slow the virus’s spread, a makeshift hospital built in a matter of days, all made possible by an authoritarian regime that is able to act quickly and decisively.

Is that true? Do you need to be a dictatorship to handle a killer virus? Are Europe and the US at a fatal disadvantage in tackling this intense crisis? We’re going to compare these three big players: China, where it all began, Europe, now at the centre of the pandemic, and the US, where infections are spreading fast. Our Analysis is taking a deep dive in what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and what global politics might look like after this crisis.

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What will change in global politics after this crisis?

Author — DW News


This is not about politics, this is simply how fast the government is able to act enough to protect its own people. Speed matters! Not ideology.

Author — Wang Jimmy


It's not about politics. Countries in Europe like Italy, Spain and Germany, who have close business relationships with China, had the opportunities to prepare for the virus and their governments had the opportunities to warn their citizens early about this contagious virus, but they did not.
I'm of Asian descent, living in Germany. As much as I love the country, people's attitudes towards the virus have been unbelievably ignorant. The most common reaction I've heard up until last week was "I don't give a damn about the virus".
I don't think politics will change after this. But the way people look at the situation and behave accordingly may change

Author — Kristen Pham


It’s the world just taking back what’s his. We the people didn’t do a good job and we diss respect it so many times. It’s only going to take so much NOW DO YOU GET IT. THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE SO NO TRESPASSING OR GET OUT

Author — OG and ABE,S VR GAMER CLUB 1


I am so tired of all the sucking up to those who caused this.

Author — Andrew Hatley


This definitely showed how dysfunctional western democracies are, not that dictatorship is the way to go.

Author — wellbi


we should look at South Korea for example. They did proper testing and got things under control.

Author — virendra singh hada


I could say it’s a lesson for the future but how history shows people are forgetting very fast

Author — Rzv R


WHO, you are 2 months behind everybody else. You informed earlier that this was not spreading between humans, this was not going pandemic, when you did many countries already declared this as pandemic. You should be in the forefront of this and informed people to take precautions and to prepare for the worst. I blame you that many people have now lost their loved ones.

Author — Kim Wetteland


Drastic quarantine is science, not politics. Politics is how the quarantine is enforced and information disseminated

Author — L1


Well 🇨🇳 China was the center of this pandemic. They did act harshly to control the spread. Keeping silent on the degree of infection was a negative move.! They are not a better government, fear and mistrust is a motivation to scare to complying. I hope their eating of wild animal type that carry dangerous viruses 🦠 is outlawed in the future...! Look what has happened currently to the world people’s.. be progressive in the future thinking..(!).

Author — Sunnyvale877


A big reason for Western countries' failure in containing the virus is people's attitude (culture). People, including the government, don't take this virus seriously. At this time, a lot of people are still gathering and calling the pandemic a hype. This is not bravery. It is illusionary confidence, like believing you can beat Mike Tyson after your first boxing class.

You (even as a citizen) should've thought about medical supply shortage and potential breakouts way earlier, before the time when you were told "the risk is still low".

Author — Xu Han


Why conflate effective government with authoritarian? Your standards appear rather low, DW team.

Author — Jonathan Gibson


I'm so afraid for my parents, they are old and already sick, God help us now 😭😭😭

Author — Mihail M A


More global more risk more dead more pandemic . Rest in Home is better than Rest in Peace.. War time!!!

Author — Brain Wash


China should be held accountable for hiding the infection and distorting information.

Author — Hagere Ethiopia


When pandemic started, where these politicians did and ran to is very telling regardless what the media present. Less or nothing to do with democracy or authoritarianism.

Author — joe chia


No one is looking at China with envy except for this lady.

Author — Kj Mj


China’s authoritarian government also tried to bury the fact that there was an epidemic, chastised the doctor who raised concerns, influenced the WHO to downplay the severity and is now pushing the narrative that the US infected China. So apparently wet markets aren’t to blame? I can’t applaud China for anything as they started this whole mess so their 1% could eat exotic animals!!!

Author — yeeisme


Strange south korea is not authoritarian government, yet had the best response to covid.

Author — cl223