Exercise helps the brain: BBC News Review

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Your brain will work better if you take regular exercise, according to a study.


mentally quick and intelligent

keep (something) at bay
prevent (something) from happening

limited periods of time spent doing an activity

The story:
A study says moderate exercise several times a week is the best way for the over 50s to keep their brains in good working order.

Australian researchers say combining aerobic activities, such as swimming, cycling or jogging, with muscle-strengthening exercises is most effective.

They support the idea that taking up exercise at any age is worthwhile.

Neil and Catherine teach you how to use the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.


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I've been listening to BBC for a long time but this is my first time I can see Neil and Catherine in Video

Author — Nick Lee


Before knowing BBC Learning English, I have had a stint studying english in school. I firmly believe I have a very sharp mind which has been working really hard to keep my stupidity at bay.

Author — Tri Nguyen


My teacher used to say : "If you want to achieve sharp intellectual mind, you have to keep minor details at bay, instead, have a long stint practicing how to target important information "

Author — Châu Đức Nguyên


It seems that we sometimes were struggling at these expressions we see or hear when we try news. Good job you really do us a great favour, thank you

Author — Razzaq Al-fadhli


"I had quite long stint waiting to get a job." Is it correct?

Author — Innes Septa


This brings quite important vocabulary over in a cosy communicative atmosphere. I feel so british. GREAT!

Author — beach_life


Neil, I really love your voice :) I'm happy to see you finally. You both doing great job! Thanks

Author — Radoslawa Olejniczak


Thank Catherine and Neil! I like this course and the program ’News Review'.

Author — Liza P


Great way to make clear about new words and phrases..Thanks bbc

Author — Manoj Pant


She is a sharp girl
I keep my bad habits at bay
To be honest, I can not understand how to use the last word: stint

Author — Liên Nguyễn


I had a long stint playing volleyball to keep my weakness at bay but I realize it does not help me become a sharp girl.Therefore, I take up a new kind of sport.

Author — thủy lưu


i'm glad to be learning and knowing words about English, i really like that kind of learning's way and such a great tool for whom wants to learn English that's the most important thing must one have, thank you so much

Author — sebastian alegria


Greetings from Mexico, I'm working on improving my accent, I love brirtish accent, it's so fancy!!

Author — Manuel Luna


Oh my goodness. Heaven help me, when I was start to learn English I didn't realise that English so rich and colorful. Every day a new phrases and expressions. I just can't imagine that they are exsist. Wow fantastic!!!

Author — raf cashapov


Nice video! I love their voice
And my first thought when hearing the other meaning of the word "sharp" is: RM is really a sharp man :D



If you wish to keep you mind sharp. I would recommend you to do some stint work-outs that will boost your brain power and keep diseases at bay

Author — Thủy tiên Nguyễn


Thank you Neil and Catherine ! I love hearing you.

Author — Ablan Elvira


I have been start learning English with TV program, so I keep the old methology at bay. But stints learning English in school give me a basical vocabulary and gramma.

Author — Thị Lưu Mận Trần


I really understand this topic.
In fact, I always feel happy and comfortable after I go to a gym.

Author — Jr Neymar


Hi bbc. I am improving my accent and intonation. Really your vudieos are helpming me alot. Thank u so much neil, catherine and dan.

Author — sathyanarayana kalancha