Madden 21 Latest News! Big Gameplay Change Inbound...

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In this Madden 21 news video, I'll be going over some Madden 21 gameplay news that includes a big possible change in way of a new feature. For more Madden 21 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & more...be sure to subscribe! #Madden21


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None of this will matter until they change the animation based gameplay that takes away user control

Author — Joshua McGee


Can they fix when my player doesn’t even attempt to catch the ball and just hits his face mask

Author — JD Regnier


They should add different broadcasters and TV Networks like CBS, Fox, NFL Network etc.

Author — FireBlittzz Prod.


They need to take a huge break and make an actual good game

Author — Hilton530


I want to bring back 40 yard dash stuff like that full combine

Author — Pulse Clan


I just want a franchise mode as deep and detailed as EA Sports Head Coach was instead of dumbing the mode down to a childrens game.

Author — LonghornsLegend


Until they stop earning money, the game will still be trash.

Author — Kyle Sikes


All I want is a revamped Draft/combine/prospects system

Author — JT Dickey


The stamina is good because linebackers be running over the field guarding every route and don’t get tired

Author — Adarius Keith


No more gimmicks. Please. Just fix the game!

Author — Kurt Thomas


Are we really relying on EA to put something "smart" in the next game and it work properly. Good luck, we got a better chance to see dogs develop a complex language and learn to exclusively walk on their hind legs, and if that happened I would enjoy a game the dogs developed better than what EA will put in the next game.

Author — William Panagos


I want to see career ending injuries. Or injuries that’ll permanently take away attributes. For example a torn acl should take away speed acceleration and agility

Author — Allen Chatmon


they needs fix the damn pass protection awareness in this game

Author — king83


I just want it to where my receiver actually catches the ball even when they’re touched and change it from a 90/10 ball to an actual 50/50 ball. My 96 ovr has the ball in his hand then gets touched and drops it.

Author — DylansInsane 999


Madden 21 Is Going To Be The Same Like Always Dude Trust Me Madden 20 Wasn't Even A Good Game Lmao

Author — BeastyIsOnFire B


I dont care what they do, as long as there is a good career mode.

Author — RickTheFlame


I love when my NFL QB misses his target by 10 yards when I’m throwing to a guy only 12 yards down the field

Author — Kevin K


You're a great YouTuber. I can only imagine if you actually have a good product to promote. Lets be clear, Madden 20 is horrible. Joke wins a professional tournament without a QB nor passing the ball. Wow!

Author — QB305


How bout they tweet him asking about drastically improved stadiums gfx (sidelines: players and coaches) and player models “body and faces”

Author — Big Ant TV Media LLC


I've been saying for 6 years that stamina, injury, and toughness should be the most heavily weighted attributes in Madden.

Author — Woodshed 1914