Iran's Supreme Leader: 'We slapped them on the face' - BBC News

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Speaking at an event commemorating the 1978 Qom protest - a key event leading up to the Islamic Revolution - Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says “the country is equipped today against the bullies of the world”.

He says the killed commander Qasem Soleimani’s “martyrdom shows the liveliness of our revolution to the world”

In the early hours of Wednesday, Iran fired rockets at two air bases in Iraq that house US troops
It is unclear if there have been any casualties - but Iraq says none of its troops were killed
President Trump says 'So far, so good' after a briefing with his top brass
Mr Trump says he will make a full statement on Wednesday morning, US time
Iran says it is retaliation for the killing of Iran's top military commander Qasem Soleimani
'Any territory that is the starting point of aggressive acts against Iran will be targeted,' says Iran
But Iran's foreign minister says later 'we do not seek escalation or war'

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Aliens: "YO SEASON 3 IS FINALLY COMING OUT FAM" (grabs popcorn)

Author — NCS Official 1 Hour


*Feels like the war is fought over Twitter*

Author — Old Man


Iran: *Not very tolerant of Western Culture

Also Iran: *Lemme Tweet about this

Author — GotWarren


Saying that world leaders "tweet" sounds kinda weird

Author — Green Future


if you cant slap hard enough, dont slap.

Author — Aditya Saha


"Iran tweeted..." still confuses me a lot

Author — Димитър Клатуров


There are only one supreme leader and it is Kylo Ren

Author — Gamebred


Please we pray together for peacefully in the world 🙏❤️

Author — IB Putra ASEAN Nusantara Ibrahim Putra Aylia Salleh


Casualties include 7 mule 3 rats 9 snake 13 trashcan and 5 old Humbies

Author — Carlos Baez


The media is stating that Iran missed on purpose to please the people of Iran but not go any further with USA.

Author — MusicMan


Yeah, they blew up two trash cans.
Walmart is actually running a sale on all Rubbermaid trash cans.

Author — Johnnie Madrid


Potato camera comes into play when shit gets serious lol

Author — Adam MNA


Good they got their revenge now everything all good im glad everything's settled

Author — T_money_ THIRD


Trump after Iran slapped him : ow here you go some bombs
Kim Jong um crying in the corner : why not me trump

Author — Realrocketgamer


Iran will be the worlds largest exporter of glass.

Author — Dante Inferno


why no one is talking about media access on those bases

Author — Abdullah Shabbir


It’s crazy how many people are making humor not considering how many brains/consciousness are going to cease be if this goes further

Author — tommy wiseau


I hope and pray that at the end of 2020 we can still see this under GOOGLE YEAR IN SEARCH but with a result of peace and not war. ✌️🏳️🕊️

Author — Vicente Adriatico IV


"We did tremendous damage to America's knuckles with our faces."

Author — Peter LaVigna


Aww how cute little dog barking at the big dog 😂 Be careful the big dog don’t bite back and send you whining with your tail between your legs.

Author — alex3373