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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a massive $82 billion aid package to help Canadians and businesses cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the 10 per cent wage subsidy the government is planning to help employers pay their workers isn’t high enough.

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Trump: Let's get money in the hands of the people. Send cheques of $2, 000 to each American.
Trudeau: Let's create a huge bureaucratic nightmare that allows up to pick and choose who we give money to and will take a long time to payout.

Author — Johnny


10% is pathetic and expecting the employer to carry the rest . Many small business don’t have reserves of cash to give away when they are not bringing in revenue.

Author — Danny Scholten


Why not just cut a cheque for every single person easier that way. $1500 for every single person above 16 of age and $800 for below 16 to the parents.

Author — tommy wong


Are not we all as Canadians are in this mess suffering from this disaster?
Whether you are a business owner, or self employed, or a student, or an employee. It should not matter . Who decides who is entitled or not? The government should have the moral obligation and act as a government that looks after the welfare of all Canadians regardless.
After all, we all need to pay our rent or mortgage, pay our bills, put bread and butter on the table, and no one has the right to choose who should be able to do that, or who should not. As Canadians we are all entitled.

Author — Lucy Safarian


China needs to be held financially liable. This mess is their fault.

Author — Tzara


Business already laid off the employee. Service canada has so many request and has a backlog off 7 days to submit the roe. This is the current situation..Hope and pray for the future..

Author — praveen nair


The government is actually broke and we're in debt. Where do they think this money is all coming from?

Author — snow white


Too little too late!
Poor and older people who are the victims of this pandamic are not taken care of in this package.

Author — Pub Comrad


Just to re-cap the funds will not be available until the beginning of April, people need to pay bills now NOT by the beginning of April. Also, the EI process is super slow as it is so imagine now during this crisis how long it will take for government workers to process these payments, it will take another month or two...

Author — Felipe Torres


If the businesses gave to the Trudeau foundation, they would get a lot more back.


Author — John Cheresna


The CBC bring in "experts" that disagree with the
Liberals? This really is the end

Author — jeone frost


All the big corps get to stay open and the money while mom and pops will live under Commy tyranny until chicken little czar gtfo.

Author — Dan Boden


How did anyone in government think offering to pay a mere 10% of a paycheque would motivate an employer to retain staff? If a biz owner that’s been directly affected, an offer of 50% wouldn’t be near enough! May as well have announced nothing. Glad the stock markets didn’t react as if it were anything close to substantial.

Author — Chris Holden


EI is not free. This will not help anybody in any way. If you look at the economy as a whole. When you select a groupe of people to help and ignore the majority you make it even harder for businesses. We need a universal benefit

Author — Join NicksonC


Scrambling to find info and how/where to apply is the most frustrating part. They say to retract it from remittances but....

Author — Dan S


How about food banks. People depends highly included me

Author — michael johnson


Take only what you need.

Lol "yeah right"

Author — day6creation breathing


Tax deferrals just “defer” the payment right? It is still owed. Please distinguish between the 2 instead instead of lumping it together as 82Bil.

Author — Jay


So how can i attain some of these billions my dude??

Author — Nabil P


So I guess everyone will get top ei now ? Lol

Author — Christopher Harnett