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JP from FN America takes Larry through the evolution of the early FNC to the later MK2

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First Ian posts about the CAL and now Larry with the FNC, my mind can't handle all this Belgian beauty

Author — Dylan Powers


“Diamond Dogs would like to know your location.”

Author — Solidus Hornet


For some reason that fire rate sounds so damn good.

Author — Jake Disty


I used these rifles many years ago when i was in indonesian army para troopers, it was beast..battle proven..

Author — paulus panjaitan


Is that the rifle that Al Pacino used in Heat?

Author — juki009


First saw this weapon on the hands of the Indonesian Military, then the Belgian Paratroopers in Afghanistan 2001.

Author — Diligent One-Six


"So is the FNC still being made?"
"Nope. We abandoned production."
...Aaaand there goes the hopes of getting an FN FNC for less than the price of my first car. What are they going for nowadays? About $3k minimum for an actual FN factory FNC and the price just skyrockets from there on condition and accessories.

Author — matchesburn


I've litterally stopped every other thing i was doing to watch this !
MY BABY ! My beloved duty rifle !

Author — Claudy_Focan


Larry, i think it might be interesting.... Indonesia has already made their own MK2 FNC which is called Pindad SS2. it would be cool if we compare it to the FN made FNC MK2

Author — TheKooster31


Good work on the weight loss Larry! Very noticeable props to you

Author — Dylan McKinley


Indonesia buy then produce by licence for the army and Police, they even modified it into carbine for the police and army special forces

Author — Aghost 132483


Names JP and he sounds Belgian... I bet JP stands for Jean- Paul

Author — Shane Simpson


Larry, there are new version of this weapon in Indonesia, you should try it.

And btw, the gun they used based under lisence and modified, Make them (Indonesian Army) win 8 times in AASAM and 12 times in AARM.

Author — Ensign M Dedy NP


Youtube Alert from Vickers: Drops Everything grabs a beer, bag of peanuts, puts on 3D glasses and sits ass down. 😎

Author — Trigger Reed


We called this PINDAD SS-1 in indonesia, using by Indonesian Armed forces

Author — Thomas Dwiputra


now in Indonesia, we have SS1 and SS2 assault rifle

Author — rizki perdana


I'm surprised to see that most of the improvements that the Swedes made to their fncs (ak5c) was not adopted by fn when they made the mk.2 fnc. Having shot the ak5c I can imagine them handling slightly better with a larger charging handle and both fold and adjustable stock. Also with the addition of attachment rails.
Anyway really nice gun both of them.

Author — Jack Jederström


I wish we had something like that when I was in (Military). It looks the part...

Author — David Smith


FN needs to reintroduce these
besides even in 2019 these look really innovative to me despite starting in 1975 as stated

Author — Edwin Yee


Glad to see that a lot of people like this rifle 🙂

I always thought people would laugh at our troops seeing these old school full steel rifles 😞 they look really old.

We are in the process of giving out SCAR’s to all troops. But some still use the FNC. I’ve heard from a few soldiers that, however it is old that it is extremely reliable and well liked among the troops. But its rather heavy and probably not as comfortable as a SCAR.

I’ve held a FNC a few times, but not a SCAR yet. But I got to play around with a (unloaded) F2000, and it really screamed comfort.
I guess form follows function, and that the FNC is rather respected by others.

Author — Claudy Focan