Gutfeld on Dana Perino's grotesque photo going viral

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Twitter pounces on Dana Perino's homemade Super Bowl dish. Greg Gutfeld reacts on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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See, kids? This is how you handle being made fun of on the internet.

Author — marvelous LIE


This is like the View with attractive people who are actually funny.

Author — Knife Nerd


Dana has a good sense of humor to put up with that dude.

Author — billsd13


Gutfield, you’re a HOOT!! Thanks for the laughs. Dana, you’re a sweetie with a great sense of humour.

Author — Lorraine Glessner


I don't care what she made she's beautiful

Author — Jay Hille


I like this segment.
A little light hearted fun between all.
Just a nice break from politics.

Author — 13DeAdgOLdFisH


Emily was a cheerleader for an NFL team from California? The Oakland Raiders? Today she would be out of a job, replaced by guys and trans.

Author — BrazilianBikini38


Dana Perino is one of the nicest journalists I ever know!

Author — Arly Paul Miguel Damuy


I thought it was the bath tub from
Breaking Bad!

Author — David Crunk


Juan williams looks like dave chapel's whiteface news reporter

Author — SP King


I like how Waters was the test subject.
Looked alright, though.

And the game was a defensive masterpiece. Sucked to watch if you’re not into football or if you’re around people who don’t know football.

Also, who watches the super bowl specifically for the halftime show? We muted it and played drinking games during the halftime.

Author — Emperor Charlemagne


I'm a native Californian and I would rather eat Dana's queso from hell than ever get a tattoo of this (now) God-forsaken state!

Author — whutzat


"A Carebear doing a lap dance." I just about choked on my supper!

Author — Christopher Barrows


I would only eat this attrocity if Emily asked me to. God I love her.

Author — Hitman 22


Lol this man just roasted his co host...

Author — oDd Kishin


She took it like a champ very good character

Author — mrstraightforward stayready


Always bringing us the stories that matter...

Author — I Rate Your Comments


Queso is delicious 😋 LOL too funny. Poor Dana

Author — Blondi R


2:59 The beautiful moment Juan was stifled by a bowl of yuck!

Author — E30 M3


Greg "The Tommy Gun" Gutfeld. You left me in stitches bro 🤣

Author — CyberCyborg 20XX