Coronavirus: PM encourages some people to return to work - BBC News

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In his latest television addresss announcing gradual easing of the lockdown, the Prime Minister has encouraged people to return to work, if they can't work from home.

The government has said it is working with employers to establish guidance about making the workplace safe.

Boris Johnson also said that primary schools in England could partially reopen in June. There are no plans for a full return of secondary schools before September.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Business Editor Simon Jack, Education Correspondent Elaine Dunkley and Economics Editor Faisal Islam.

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Am I the only one that is enjoying lockdown as I'm a antisocial fecker

Author — arbiter3904


Get back in the building the fire is nearly out, the fire brigade are just waiting for water.

Author — Blob B


Boris: "Go to work, but don't go to work. Stay home, but don't stay at home. Take public transport, but cycle or walk. Unlimited exercise and time in the sun, but stay at home. Save lives, save the NHS but go to work or don't go to work."

Great messaging Boris!

Author — westlink1985


I'm not allowed to go and see my partner and family but allowed to go and get the virus from work, parks and public transport, what load of crap, it's ridiculous.

Author — David Cartner


What’s the point of sending the kids back to school if they only have less than a month until the 6 weeks holidays. This makes zero sense to me

Author — vanassa evens


Return to work so we don’t have to pay the self employed. Convenient?

Author — ThePre82


School's can't control nits, but are expected to control coronavirus 🙄
No chance you can have 4, 5 and 6 year olds socially distance - IMPOSSIBLE.
Plus, classes have 30 kids in them! They are not big enough to oblige social distance.

Author — 5HINee property of Lee Taemin


I'm on furlough because there is not enough work at my job, how tf I'm supposed to return to work? ''If you can't work from home, you are encouraged to go to work'' I think people who could go to work already did so, without being encouraged, like wtf.

Author — Citrina05


PM’s speech translated: “go back to work at your own risk, and if the R value goes pear shaped, blame the employer and if the economy picks up we’ll take the credit”

Author — SAS {}


Seems the government needs a second peak of the pandemic!! All the hospitals are empty and they need more deaths to fill the quota.

Author — MuslimAnon


Sacrifice the many for the pockets of the few.

Author — Trance Voyage Sessions


"It is coming down the mountain that is often more dangerous"

Yeah, especially when you feel like you're being pushed down it.

Author — Brad Meader


What I dont get is you are being encouraged to go to work with people from other households but you cant go to other households??

Author — mark hill


Watching politicians speak is like
watching the muppet show.

Author — Angel


“If you cut through everything that the prime minister said, what you get is...” absolutely nothing.

Author — Jack L


So I guess they'll have a new little slogan sellotaped to their podiums whilst they bore us to death droning on every day, it's enough to turn you mental

Author — Lock Down Society


So, if I've got it right, Boris Johnson says we can be a little less careful while still being extremely careful. Not confusing at all.

Author — urbanimage


So there are LESS deaths in Wales and Scotland and they are keeping their lockdown, but loads MORE deaths in England yet they want us to start working. Absolute madness.

Author — Layla Hawkes


Dumbest government in history... testing isnt even 100% reliable and they want to put the children of this country at risk like lab rats

Author — y d


What for, you'll just go back to lockdown again anyway.

Author — Leonard John Koh