Angelina Jordan - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Best Audio - AGT: The Champions Finals - Feb 10, 2020

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Angelina Jordan - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) - America's Got Talent: The Champions Finals - S14/Ep29 - NBC - February 10, 2020

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Its impressive how perfect she sings this song. There are so many parts where she could have done too much, but she didnt.

Author — XxMr1XxX


My favorite Barefooted Singer. Her Bohemian Rhapsody is out of this world.

Author — Kiran


i'm not a musician and i'm centaintly not a singer, but i really enjoy listening to music.
i've seen her since 4-5 years ago in her audition video, really charming with a realxed style and after she start singing... Boomm... that was really spectacular for a girl in her age.
after that i've seen alot of her video, and i think she is second to none in her style in her world.
yeah there is alot of good singer, but there is different for someone whos born to sing.
do you think there is a someone who can teach that kind of singing style, it was her own style, it was her own talent.
and it's fine even if she doesn't win cause we know how good she is.
and there is alot of singer who doesn't win but become more popular and succes than the winner, so it's fine.
because in singing winning isn't on that competition, but in the real live in the listener like us.
just enjoy it... hahaha

Author — warincen simbolon


Who's waiting for her to be famous!..❤❤❤ like

Author — tepfuo kikon


There is a lovely, delicate Nora Jones sound to her voice which is remarkably engaging. That is a duo I would love to hear.

Author — SunshineMix101


I like it when she sings and everyone enjoys it

Author — alaik fahri


so much control for such a young person and no ego

Author — Patricia Simmons


Heard her about eight years ago and she was quite small! Singing an Etta James hit 24 24 little hours. I think she’s amazing she’s one of the most amazing singers I’ve ever heard I wish she wouldn’t do that little bit at the end that makes him more American because it’s over singing things but she’s amazing

Author — everylittlebreeze


Unforgettable young voice. She's got it!

Author — John Hill


What a lovely voice.Shes going to be big.

Author — Rob Perrins


And she didn´t win? Who else was in the final? Jesus?

Author — Niels van Rikxoort


All the dislikes are from footwear manufacturers.

Author — shicrapt


Esta niña es un ángel 😇 me enamore de su voz su talento ella nació para cantar muchas gracias por compartir tu don mi niña que Dios te llene de muchas bendiciones siempre ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Author — Tabita Marin


When the voice sounds like a finished studio recording it's unbelievable. People like that should win instantly.

Author — Lox


How can Angelina Jordan not win. She's so much better than the rest. She doesn't need 2 voices her 1 voice is addictive and mesmerizing and so beautiful

Author — John Holaus


she does not need dancers around her, she does not need a great orchestra, she does not need a great scenery, only her voice is enough

Author — Eduardo Reyes-Hernandez


It's unfair to put singers to dispute with circus artists...She should have won.

Author — J. Eduardo Duarte


This is the best alternative version of this song I’ve ever heard. Agree with Howie - hypnotic; only focused on the performer and performer.

Author — I am Sam


When I was 13 I was playing with dollies. And I'm a guy!! lol

Author — sbarnett37tiger Barnes


Pomoy is a technical singer. He is a great singer but it's skill, not sensation. That is why Angelina is better. She sings with soul and variations in a single note. Her skill is phenomenal but her music is so much more.

Author — millieo