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It's time to break some recs! (records)

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💬 Comments on the video

These guys should get a world record for breaking the most world records in one video.

Author — AlexB2G


Dude Perfect: *breathing*
Man: it's your certificate.

Author — Scopy


Who is ur favorite basketball _team_

*dude **_perfect_*

Author — J Meer


So this is what aimbot looks like in real life

Author — Alex Tsianakas


So this suddenly pops up in everyone’s recommendation?

Author — Suraz233


6:41 Imagine if they forgot to press “Record”...

Author — Henry Malcolm


seriously who are these dudes and why are they so perfect at everything

Author — Miles Hamilton


I bet 'Dude Perfect will have a lots of stories to tell when they become a grandpa..

Author — Das For Dayz


I hold the world record for most consecutive mental breakdowns in 7 minutes

Author — Yeetonidas the great


I feel bad for the people who possibly broke these records when no one was looking

Author — Sun Star


Plot twist :

The ball is a paid actor

Author — HASEEB dude 296


The man who gives the certificates, gets an world record of most certificates giving for guinnes world record.

Author — Steven


That guy: it's the worl...
Dudes Perfect:

Author — 10 DACENT


I love how Michael just stopped trying to shake their hands after they ignored him the first few times.

Author — f546


World record for most world records broken in a day?

Author — Josh Hyman


Judge: (In every one minute) Here's your Certificate.

Author — Priyansh


Dog: bark bark
Cat: meow meow
Dude Perfect:

Author — Szymon ret


After watching this video, everyone is taking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD a light thing and saying : I should probably call the Guinness man too..

Author — HASEEB dude 296


The basketball:


Author — The polar bear


Hey what did you do today, oh just break about 9 or 10 world records you know the usual

Author — Joshua Sanford