Coronavirus cases in Italy continue to soar

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Italy’s medical personnel have complained about a critical shortage of gear, including protective masks and glasses.

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Having funeral without family’s that’s so sad pray for Italy 🇮🇹



I’m pretty sure the government here doesn’t want all the senators to die considering their age group are the most at risk.

Author — Leland Holton


Never thought I would witness something like this in my lifetime. There's changes to all of our day to day actions. I pray for everyone.

Author — Andy Zeno


hello, I speak to you directly from Italy, hoping to bring you a vision as truthful as possible (with a less than perfect English). this virus is highly contagious, for this reason it was decided to close everything here in Italy. the critical situation is for intensive care and resuscitations because (brutally said) you are choosing who to save and who not (example: if two 50-year-old men need to be intubated and one of them takes the pressure pill, the man with the pressure pill stays out). do not bring out the elderly, your grandparents, do the shopping and errands important to them if you are healthy, because they are the most at risk category together with the immunosuppressed. avoid contact with people, and if you run errands for your grandparents, stay away from them. I myself no longer enter my grandparents' house and leave the shopping in front of the door and go away. if you can take masks and gloves to get around, wash your hands. do not pile up in supermarkets or public places and stay indoors, only go out if strictly necessary. I don't want to do psychological terrorism, but even here in Italy it was thought "oh well, so much is in China, it's far". when there was the first case in Milano here in Genova it was said "it is still far away, it will not come here" and the situation precipitated within two weeks. please guys be careful, I embrace you from Italy. we will make it

Author — Fabiana Franca


The impact this is gonna have on the world... we are living through a historic moment that’ll either build us or break us ...

Author — Clorox Bleach


To ABC News: Your services are very good but their endings with Stephanopoulos are irritating. Change them!

Author — Suremes


Exponential growth people. It starts slow: 4 cases, then 8, then 16 and 32. But at some point it goes from 6000 to 12000, then 24000, 48000, 96000 etc. Doubling every 5-6 days. And before you know it there are millions requiring oxygen therapy or ventilation.

So please take all precautions, measures and recommendations seriously regardless of your age. There is nothing special that happened in Italy that can't happen here. In fact their reality is very likely going to be our future if we keep downplaying and thinking it can't get too bad or last for much longer.

Author — Luis Alvarez


National lock downs are the first method that needs to take place in any country dealing with this virus before this virus takes a footing. We have seen they work.

Author — C. R


LA is looking like zombie land especially Hollywood I've been here ever since I can remember and I've never once seen it look like this. It's so scary.

Author — Sara Aguilar


We pray for us.stay strong guys we survive this virus.from philipines.

Author — remegio visitacion


Damn what happens to Italy? 2500 deaths already. Korea only has 85 deaths.

Author — Nonnis _


We will all surpass this💛God bless us all!

Love and prayers from the Philippines🇵🇭💛

Author — daisy yuh


China deaths are much higher than what they are reporting.

Author — Jason


Italy will surpass China's forged fatality rate

Author — Ryan


Italy the best place in earth, the sweetest people in my planet, talented, smart, Italy soport every country in planet wheen they nead help. Stay strong Italia & italiono because your day it will come soon. Love you Italia. A lots of love from Albania 💔 Italy

Author — Ergi Hoxha


So sad. My 💓 goes out to Italy. Stay strong. Love from the USA

Author — Spiritual Goofball


So sad 😞 my prayers for all those affected in Italy.



Visit 2protect.store for best safety masks, with filters, and buy some gloves somewhere. And don't worry ! You're welcome, stay stong people.

Author — Michael Murphy


The world needs to pool it resources act as one and for a moment and end it

Author — Jason Davis


Well, looks like we here in germany are pretty done for too. Almost 10k and still no proper lockdowns...
Either way, Prepare for the dollar to fall, the euro to go down with it and globalisation to collapse.

Author — Johnny Du buf