Gingrich: Ocasio-Cortez was 'viciously dishonest' about the border

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Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the mounting divide within the Democratic Party, the border crisis, U.S. tensions with Iran and President Trump's meeting with the emir of Qatar.

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"Willie Brown, who knows Kamala Harris very well..."

Author — Push Back


I myself am tired of seeing AOC on the NEWS.... everything she is involved with is just another carnival sideshow.

Author — USARMYvietnamVET1969


Cockoo Cortez has flown over the cuckoo's Nest.
"The arrogance of ignorance"

Author — Tony Lo


AOC is mistaking the 10% lunatic fringe on Twitter for "public sentiment". That will cost her in the end.



AOC should be the poster child for "Use Birth Control"

Author — Dan McFarland


Democrats have really shot them selves in the foot with this collection of misfits.

Author — Donna Schur


AOC wants the USA to fail. She represents the enemy within.

Author — Darwin Penning


She was never a qualified cantidate. But she surely has disqualified herself now.

Author — prairie mark


Socialism never works. Stealing from one group to give 'FREE' stuff to another group never makes for a good country. Resentment all round.

Author — Nancy S.


AOC is probably the biggest Lunatic in DC but she's Closely followed by 90% of the other liberals in Congress.

Author — Jean Jones


our country will go to hell real fast if the DEMS get total control.

Author — chill out


Ocasio, go back where you came from, we don't like people who lie~!

Author — Elaine Shoemaker


Why is it that these rep's and senators arent being impeached for teaching illegals how to break our laws? Presidents arent the only ones that can be impeached.

Author — Josh


Why can't we send all these socialist congresspersons to the socialist countries and just can't figure a way to get them back?

Author — Susan Gore


"Something fundamentally wrong with her (AOC)" is an understatement. Holy moly, when a group of people would rather see the country fail than the current government succeed... sheesh!

Author — Tim


Enough of letting the child enslavers have their run across our border. Finally a politician that will say enough is enough!! The numbers of illegal immigrants is staggering.

Author — daniel rickerbaker


Hmm, so AOC was viciously dishonest about the border? What else is new? Just part & parcel of her Leftist tactics.

Author — Scott Hullinger


AOC lies about everything. She needs to be impeached along with Ilhan and Tahlieb

Author — kittenmeow


Ol crazy eyes 👀 AOC humiliates herself every time her mouth opens lol 😂

Author — Tina Quairiere


Someone needs to be watching what and where Obama goes and what country he is in. He is a traitor to our nation.

Author — CJK CJK