Global coronavirus deaths equal Sars, while new infections drop

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China reported 89 more deaths as new infections fell to 2,656 on February 8, according to figures released early on Sunday by the country’s National Health Commission.The newly reported fatalities brought the global death toll to 813, matching the total attributed to the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) epidemic of 2002-03 by the World Health Organisation.

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Should've invested some DNA points for Cold resistance.

Author — Halogen Zaw gi


Chen Qiushi, a citizen journalist who had been reporting on the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, could no longer be reached by friends and family since Thursday.

Author — G Ganesh


So this "officially" killed in a month, what took SARS a year to do.

Author — mikeboydus


Is the MRT of bone (two chineese doctors smiling at) is the evidence of that so called "coronavirus" ? Any evidences please !

Author — 404 Not Found


RIP to all the innocent lives gone and prayers for their loved ones

Author — J C


Background music makes it more scary.
Please play Christmas Carols.

Author — Zee S


The total death due to SARs occurred during 8-10 months period. But this nCOV caused the same number in just 2 months.

Author — A k257


New infections didn't stop. People are just dying in their homes instead of the hospital.

Author — Ceez o


Breaks my heart to see these people pass away. I started bursting into tears thinking that will happen to one of my family members pass away from CoronaVirus

Author — Ello PeePs


scary, i hope everything turns out okay

Author — Tagataro Lian


Yeah, surpassed even. Multiply. Sheesh.

Author — Chamorille E. Arnabell


करुणा वायरस का सबसे अच्छा दवाई इस वीडियो में है

Author — Raju Kumar


China never learn from past mistake, coronavirus is an extention of SARS & if it enacted necessary legislation & enforcement, current coronavirus grappling us won't be happening.

Author — J


Lies, the official numbers are suppressed. Hospitals in China are unable to keep up with diagnosis so they do not record patients who die before diagnosis or just simply send people home to self quarantine because hospitals are full.

Author — povang


لله الطف بجميع المسلمين و ارحم بني آدام أجمعين

Author — Abdellah Ama


Your coverage of this has been amazing, thank you.

Author — gamingbtc


The infections fell because the media has to downplay everything to avoid panic in the society. It's not even the peak yet. The transparency in the international media is slowly fading as well.

Author — NOT KNOWN


Okay that's the other bit of information I have been waiting a long time for glad to hear it

Author — Sean Newhouse


"It's just a flu bro....it's just a flu!"

(two years later)

* lone wanderer opens Pipboy to scan the ruins of NYC for loot *

Author — Imperial Diecast


My heart broke into pieces and tears filled in my eyes 😢

Author — z Ali