Summer Stock (1950) – Get Happy – Judy Garland

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Summer Stock (1950) – Get Happy – Judy Garland


Summer Stock (1950)
Directed by Charles Walters ⋅1950 ⋅ 108 min

To save Jane Falbury's (Judy Garland) Connecticut farm, Jane's sister, Abigail (Gloria DeHaven), convinces Herb Blake (Phil Silvers), the producer of a new Broadway show to rehearse on her farm. Although Abigail is set to star with her current beau, Joe Ross (Gene Kelly), Jane and Joe are instantly attracted to each other. Highlights include Gene Kelly's unforgettable "Newspaper Dance", and Judy's show-stopping rendition of "Get Happy." Directed by Charles Walters.

Starring Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Eddie Bracken, Phil Silvers

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it kills me that behind the scenes she was anything but happy. this poor woman suffered her entire life. But she was a natural entertainer so you'd never tell. beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Author — krissy crossway


Back when there was no auto tune!

It’s just so sad how Judy Garland was treated by the industry. I hope that wherever she is now, she is happy and only experiencing nothing else but joy and peace.

Author — Elizabeth Schiada


She has such a presence, you would never know she was only 4’ 11” ❤️🌈

Author — Tammy K


This number was done in 1950, almost 70 years ago, and it is as fresh and timeless as the day it was filmed .

This is why Garland is such a phenomenon . Her universality in her performances resonates with people regardless of the current date or even the person’s age .

Thankfully we have recordings and film footage that future generations can also see, enjoy and marvel at. .

Author — flyboy13131


There will NEVER, EVER be another performer like the brilliant, legendary Judy Garland!!!

Author — Lori Brom


OK, every time she moved the hat, whatever the camera angle, it was perfect. How did she do that?

Author — Steve Hugel


I hope she’s happy somewhere over the rainbow😊🌈

Author — curlyhead_autumn


This is one of the best musical numbers in movie history!

Author — Nikolaos Christoforakis


Just realized this is where Michael Jackson based his choreography for Dangerous

Author — Harmin


Absolute perfection. I understand it was done in just one take. And it wasn’t overdone, exaggerated, or pompous, just excellent in its whole presentation. A joy to watch and listen to.

Author — radamik


Coronavirus Apocalypse brings me here in 2020
Just get happy!

Author — Dinta Doba


God bless Judy Garland, her beautiful little face, her stunning legs and her lovely lovely voice

Author — Violet Valentine


I cannot remember where I heard Liza Minelli say that this was her favourite clip of her mother's work. Liza considers it the pinnacle of her mother's talent and career.
It is absolutely timeless.
What a thrill to have this at one's fingertips, on YouTube.
Many thanks!

Author — Gregory SCHESKE


Why anyone would want to hurt this woman escapes me. Karma.

Author — the informer


She was beautiful as is. Can't believe some thought she was unattractive

Author — Gregory Love


Judy is beautiful, , I now feel bad, how she was treated, she shone like a super trouper. She is unique.

Author — jimbob1


Pay attention kiddies this is what you call real talent.

Author — Rusty Shackleford


This is a BEAUTIFUL musical number. BUT when she sings “ The Man That Got Away” her VOICE!!! WOW WONDERFUL!!!!

Author — Sharon Kemp


I have NEVER seen this! What a PRO!!! And, what a pair of LEGS!!!! Wow!

Author — Michael Vittoria


So many musicals are being over-choreographed, over-staged, etc., and you see this gem, simple steps, great camera work, and Ms. Garland, the best of the best.

Author — Duane Brown