Coronavirus around the world: April 21, 2020

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Today’s top coronavirus stories:

U.S. crude futures turned negative for the first time in history because of a collapse in oil demand.

New data from the Office for National Statistics suggests the COVID-19 related death rate could be 40 per cent higher than is currently being reported in the U.K..

As New York City continues to be the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, one Harlem funeral home is being forced to turn bodies away.

This year's Oktoberfest -- the world's biggest beer festival -- has been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The World Health Organization warned on Tuesday that any lifting of lockdowns to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus must be gradual.

Recovered coronavirus patients preparing to leave a hospital in the northern suburbs of Paris, paid emotional tributes to staff.

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Hi everyone
I am a vietnamese who come to Canada to study and work. To listen and know what happened in Canada, America and the world, I really want to say that I am proud of my decision to go to Canada. I want to say thank you to government, essential workers and people stay at home.
Be healthy and stay safe.

Author — Trần thị Mỹ Linh


the nurse was touching her eye how dangerous can be?!!!

Author — Cyrus Li


a UK friend told me care facilities death tolls were not included in officials

Author — Bxnkroll BobbySands


Common Sense would tell you when it hits 0 on that day wait another 2 weeks or 14 days till it's totally eradicated

Author — Paul Shishis


Lets all stay home
for real help
the cause

Author — fishing captain hooks


October fest is canceled!!! My God what an Earth shattering event!!!! Let's cancel all the wars & poverty & deceiptful governments too.

Author — B. S. G.


I'm confused, what did you just say Gobal? I figure, when no one has the virus, you'll just go back to hating on Trump. Our government and our media aren't neutral.

Author — Rod Dykes


The video is weird. There is something so relaxing about it and yet so scary

Author — 100K Sᴜʙꜱᴄʀɪʙᴇʀꜱ Wɪᴛʜᴏᴜᴛ Vɪᴅᴇᴏꜱ Cʜᴀʟʟᴀɴɢᴇ


I really don't want to watch news very often at these times because I cant stop my tears dropping from my eyes every time I see people around the world suffering and from this disease.
DON'T LOSE HOPE(I'm sure God will do something and end this pandemic)

Author — Gerleif Renferd


Here is my 10 recommendation to City of Toronto, TTC, any municipality and public transit agency of how to safe funding instead of layoff.
1. Have your employees to work 8 hours (private sector standard) work day instead of 7 hours.
2. Change Defined Benefit pension to Defined Contribution one (private sector standard).
3. Dissolve all your Risk Assessment departments because they failed to warn management about the crisis, and, therefore useless.
4. Fire all your Health and Safety departments heads if they did not advise management about the risk of what is coming and did not propose solutions in advance.
5. Limit sick days to 5 per year as per private sector standard.
6. Limit salary raises to inflation adjustment 2%-2.5%, not to 5%-10% per year especially for management.
7. Reduce layers of middle management to what is minimally necessary. There are too many managers who are busy with only one activity: reporting to upper layers of management.
8. Abandon the discriminatory, unfair and insane policy of DIVERSITY and INCLUSION. Job should go the best candidate, not to the so called privileged special groups – ethnic, religious, visual or sexual.
9. Review the procedures and remove systemic barriers so that the employees could do the job more efficiently, which means “faster”.
10. Review scope of your capital projects. Many of them as expensive as “Jaguar”. “Toyota” is also a good car, so reduce your wishes to what is minimally required.

Author — NobleCrow10


So the UK hid their true numbers just like China? Huh...

Author — Étoile Zalos


It's all a ruse!! Ppl aren't dying of anything else. Almost everyone who dies is labeled a Covid19 death. So, this is excellent. Get Covid19 & you won't die from cancer or heart disease or anything else. Only 2% of Covid19 cases actually die & they had other related health issues. When they develop the phony vaccine we can all live forever, with Bill Gates nano chips & nano bots in us for state control triggered by 5G. All the stats are phony & meant to scare ppl. There's no proof Covid19 even exists. They can't make a vaccine for viruses. If they could we would have them for HIV & the common flu/cold, etc. Its fear mongering by the government.

Author — B. S. G.


Please please, next time WHO speaks, seperate the French language. Could not make out a word. From Africa.

Author — Spartagus Victorious


I'm surprised the oil companies don't just purchase the surplus oil at the negative price and pump them back into depleted wells in the same fashion that the US oil reserve is stored. They may not be able to get all of it back when it comes time to extract the oil but they would be paid for essentially disposing of the oil anyways.

Author — John Wang


I they were crucifiying trump it would be no problem.

Author — Dan Boden


Every country is hiding it's death toll. It's not only China anymore. One thing it freaks people out and same way after a while govt. has to save economy. So they play this game

Author — Yoga with Dr. Padma


I seen a guy trip and fall at the store today, bumped his head pretty bad, we should have laws making everyone wear helmets in public, we already have laws for bikes so it shouldn't be hard to figure something out. Maybe make it a law to have a helmet on while wearing shoes? Can never be too safe!

Author — Jessy James


Virus has mutated 30 times but we ain't ready for that conversation or the fact that this makes it super hard to find a Vaccine. But ohh well lol.

Author — Nain Martinez


Why are we still listening to the world Health organization when they clearly were working with trying to cover up the virus in the early days

Author — WayneTheGamer69


FAKE! Trudeau I know that shooting was a distraction from the fact that this "Pandemic" Is just Measles.
Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by measles virus. Symptoms usually develop 10–12 days after exposure to an infected person and last 7–10 days. Initial symptoms typically include fever, often greater than 40 °C (104 °F), cough, runny nose, and inflamed eyes.
Causes: Measles morbillivirus

Author — Deb Chak