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A CORPORATE high-flyer has traded in her high heels and glitzy networking events to spend her days training giant alligators and handling some of America’s deadliest snakes. For years, Shannon Saurage, 42, worked in the executive world as part of an HR company where she dealt with 700 employees daily. Now she spends her days with her own 11ft, 550-pound gator named Mr Cuddles – training, feeding, and even kissing the beast at Gator Country, a reptile park and rescue centre in Beaumont, Texas. Shannon works alongside her husband Gary Saurage, who opened the park in 2005, and acts as the lead nuisance alligator hunter for the state of Texas.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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imagine being a deadly beast that survived even the dinosaur wipeout, just to be named “mr. cuddles”

Author — i’m not lay the sequel


😂 That woman has never handled that snake before, she was trying to flex hard for the cameras.

Author — Miss PANDA


The only reason Mr. Cuddles hasn't eaten you yet is because you're feeding him.

Author — Elnoia


She’s enthusiastic but she really doesn’t have a clue..

Author — Free The plug


She nuts. Luckily her husband keeps things in perspective. I think that’s the only reason she’s still alive

Author — jamie platt


Imagine just chilling in your enclosure and then some blonde lady drags you out by the tail and starts spinning you around on the ground like a rope😩 Goddamn, I’d go and choke her too if I was that snake.

Author — Wiki /-/


She gives me michael scott vibes
With the interviews pretending to be knowledgeable

Author — Karina V


*Mr Cuddles is going to “cuddle” her neck one day*

Author — RandomlyxCacxtus


“He looks like a chihuahua”

Me and her husband at the same time “no he does not”

Author — Bella Kekevian


Who else saw her mouth “help me please?” When the snake was tryna strangle her😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — Holly Le grange


Girl:Bye mr cuddles
Mr Cuddles:(Hisses at her)
Girl: yeah he loves me

Author — EXena OOF


She will be dead soon. She should have kept her office job

Author — Tequila Smith


She so clueless with all of the animals🤦. You can tell none of them like her.

Author — Luciana Mazo


the way she handled the snake looked extremely unprofessional and agressive

Author — Trending Jatt


I feel bad for laughing when that snake wrapped around her. Like homegirl thought she knew what she was doing. Lol she tried to show out for the camera.

Author — Keyma B


*struggles to put the snake in box, snake wraps itself around her, almost gets choked to death from snake, then finally someone helps her*
Casual says “So this is his box”

Author — Emzey 4u


I lowkey feel like this whole thing is a facade. She looks scared and out of place everywhere she goes..

Author — Tabora


She's obviously showing off for the camera. Trying to act professional when when clearly she isn't. LMAO

Author — Sheena


She is still acting like a HR .. got no clue of what she s doin 😆😆

Author — Soban Ilango


There were two nightmarish things in this video:
A: Those poor Alligators who were missing parts of their facial anatomy
B: Constrictor Snake literally wrapping things up with that woman...

Author — Umukzus Gelos