Why Is Violence Breaking Out In Kashmir?

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Rising tensions between India and Pakistan are putting Kashmir at the heart of the conflict. So what is happening in this disputed region?

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Washington Post: India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ Against Militants in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir

Al Jazeera: Are India and Pakistan Heading for a Nuclear Showdown?

BBC: Kashmir Attack: India ‘Launches Strikes Against Militants’

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our country would never cut water supplies to pakistan.We are humans not monstets

Author — Shubham Rajmane


I am not a fan of the timing and how the text was displayed.

Author — WakeeWakee


2 Pak soldiers died while protecting the 40 terrorists who were exterminated. RIP to the soldiers.

And that LOL moment, that pakistani nuclear missile 0:38 lying in a village field. Kudos to Pakistani security to their warheads. No wonder the whole world is concerned about the callous security of nuclear weapons in Pakistan and it falling in the hands of some jihadists

Author — Nishit Raj


0:40 is that pakistani nuclear missile 😂😂😂 cant blame why they overreact when they say nuclear

Author — Pranav Patel


Man I'm early af please like this comment I'm desperate lol

Author — Slapping stuff


why are you not mentioning that those surgical strikes took more than 35 lives of 'militants' ... those surgical strikes were targeted more towards terrorists rather than those 2 pakistani soldiers you mention...

Author — Hritwik Singhai


You finally did what your subcribers asked you to do!

Author — Stamatios Sargantanis


violence is breaking out because pakistan is a hostile neighbour that is a breeding ground for exporting terror

Author — 87bullrun


Kashmir is "no" disputed area..it is the integral part of India and will always be..

Author — shashank gupta


I'm early let me tell a joke

read more

Author — WatchR


please make a video on pakistan love for terrorism

Author — Rajat Alaria


dudha magoge to khir denge..
Kashmir magoge to cheer denge...



Please make a video about Pakistan's love for terrorism.

Author — jumbovs


If this was actually a legitiment concern to international safety, the video would've been longer than a minute and 4 seconds.

Author — Spoonfed


Why don´t we ask the people of Kashmir who the criminal is?

Author — Chraman


Pakistan disintegrating into 4 parts=world peace

Author — Yashvardhan Rautela


Do "How Corrupt Is The United Nations?"

Author — True Raps


🇺🇸 and 🇬🇧 started the war within Kashmir to initiate WWIII from two antagonists fighting for imperialism.

Author — Emperor Tikacuti


first was north Korea, next was the south China sea, now it's kashmir. I wonder what will happen next.

Author — Darrell Octavianus


i support India, returning the favor for 1971 thank you India. From a Bangladeshi

Author — Mehadi Hasan