Grand buildings - Sport facilities in Kazakhstan

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Major international events like exhibitions, sports contests and music competitions become not only the drivers of tourism development but also leave behind bright architectural projects that eventually turn into business cards of the country. In Kazakhstan, such events were EXPO-2017 exhibition in Astana and World Student Games in Almaty, as well as the 7th Asian Winter Games of 2011.

Unusual buildings, unparalleled in the world or on the continent are the business card of Astana. Built in 2009, at the time of the opening Astana Arena was one of several stadiums in the world with an extendible roof. This expensive and complex engineering stunt allowed the capital to become a kind of football center of the country. After all, now in this field it is possible to train and conduct games all year round, regardless of the weather.

The stadium accommodates 30 000 football fans. Here is another feature of this structure. Initially the arena was conceived and subsequently implemented as an object for high football achievements. Other sports are not provided here. The exceptions are the concerts of those artists who can fill the thirty thousandth stadium.

Capital’s guests, fans and professional athletes note the convenience of the stadium. Here not only games are conducted, but also the capital's football club and the national team are training here.

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