Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

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Indian authorities say life is returning to normal in Kashmir. But thousands of people have been detained, and the military still patrols the streets, firing pellet guns and tear gas to quell protests.

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The amount of whataboutism in the comment section is incredible

Author — Ma Ha


This video is resemblance to what USA do to middle eastern countries to keep peace.
But in India there is no bombing, mass killing as done by USA in afghanistan, syria etc

Author — Anujeet Swain


The xenophobic incitement in the comment section proves the mindset of the average Indian. Americans don't boast about the murder of Iraqi kids. Indians boast about the deliberate murder and maiming of Kashmiris and have done so for more than seven decades. That's the difference. Governments can be tyrannical all over the world but the way Indian masses defend their terrorist prime minister and his Islamophobia is not seen in most oppressive regimes but go ahead and defend a Hindu supremacist leader by engaging in typical whataboutery. As if that will make the crimes any less criminal or pathetic.

Author — Aamna Here


Given that bagdhadi is a religious scholar we know where American media stands ...

Author — Naturally weird


Lol number of attacks in Muslim countries by America is uncountable .Yeah that is the other side USA doesn't want world to see. Talk about that

Author — xD


so protests in pakistan by islamists are also part of India.
America loves to make every Nation Hate them.

Author — Gardenflower


Hey what about millions killed due to fake intel about WMD in Iraq. U r independent media I respect that please put same efforts to bring this information too.



Make a video upon the stone pelters and dead soldiers by these innocent projected people!! Make a video upon the slayed Kashmiri pundits by them...go on!! Make video on the other sides too!!

Author — Dipankar Bhattacharya


Kashmir was initially a land of Hindus . Hindus have been pushed out of the valley to disrupt demography and now it is the time we give Kashmiri hindus their rightful place in the region but that has to happen along with the overall prosperity of the valley that amalgamates both sects .

Author — Shubham Rawat


Zulam jab had se bharta ha tu mit jata ha, Allah is modi KO duniya k samna ibrat ka nishan bana, , or kashmir ko is zulam se bacha,

Author — Msajidabbasi Abbasi


Entirely unhumanitarian.. let them be free.. let them live ..

Author — X box!


I am from j&k...I know that Kashmir is at fault and not the indian government

Author — Sakshi Dubey


We have between 70-100 years of life on earth. "Oh i know, let me waste half of it on meaningless trash"

Author — Dark Joker


Just when I thought I live in 2019 but subtly back to 20th century.

Author — Rishikesan Ravichandran


now lockdown in my own country realises me how kashmiries are living

Author — MSRK KING


"There is only one solution, gun solution"
This is protest? Shame on you NY times. Who are inciting these people? You or the Indian government?

Author — Anuj Boruah


3000 thousands members stone plenting how to defend

Author — gnanateja pasupuleti


These are the old footages. where are the new one ???

Author — Atharva Pawar


I really pity them and pray they find peace and I love how they want justice, but the part I don't understand is why they should be erased in India all countrys has crises and for me it is just a phase that will soon be over

Author — goodlive ezekiel


Americans wants to create insurgents in Kashmir as well like Iraq and Syria so then they can use their military on them as well

Author — S C